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Archangel Haniel - MoonCyclesToday’s Message from your Archangels:

Moon Cycles ~ Archangel Haniel

“Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon these cycles.”

The additional message on this card reads: “The full moon is a perfect time to release anything you’re done with, the new moon is the time to focus on manifesting desires and intentions, and the evening before the full moon is an optimal time for healing, and for recharging healing instruments such as crystals and oils. Spend time looking at the moon, and notice how you feel in relationship to its cycles. As you discover the moon’s connection with your vitality and moods, you’ll be more in touch with it’s divine magic.”

With the upcoming New Moon on 2nd December, we still have a little time in which to utilize the energy of the last Full Moon to release all that no longer serves us. Make an effort to go within your Sacred Heart center to release all negative and discordant energies with your Soul Self. In this time now we are merging with our Higher Selves and discordant and negative energies will leave us feeling out of balance and shaky within our energy body if not released. A few days before the new cycle starts, the energy is always the strongest, so bear that in mind also. The energy will start to level out 3 or so days after New Moon again and we can look forward new opportunities and possibilities with each new day as the moon waxes. As we are filled with these new and exciting energies each day, notice that just like with any growth spurt, there will be growth pains, so keep on releasing!!

An attitude of acceptance and surrendering to Divine Will will help you on your ascension pathway. Trust that with each new day, you are that much closer to becoming a multi-dimensional being once again. Namasté.

Be Blessed!

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