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forgiveness prayerForgiveness is not something your Higher Self/Soul requires of you. You will never be judged by any higher power. As far as your Soul is concerned, you are Divinely Perfect in every way and you always will be, no matter what you have done in this and past lifetimes. However, forgiveness is something that will help YOU in this physical reality (lifetime) move forward towards clearing and releasing of the the negative and discordant energy that has been stored up in your memory banks.

Note that negative energy is created from emotions attached to negative experiences which you have had during this life and other lifetimes here. If you can revisit a negative experience without feeling fear, sadness, pain or any negative emotion, then you have successfully released the negative emotional charge attached to it.

All negative energy must be released before you can fully merge with your Soul Self. As your vibration rises to meet the vibration and frequency level of your Higher Soul Self, it becomes necessary to release all lower vibrational energy. Therefore releasing is one of the most important actions for you to take at this point in your Ascension process.

Negative energy can be transmuted into Divine love using the Violet Flame tool given to us by Creator. Use this tool to transmute negative energy around you, in your town/city and country. It can be used anywhere, whenever you feel the effects of negative energy.

The Ho’oponopono prayer in the image above is an excellent releasing and forgiveness prayer. Memorize it and say it often.

The Akashic Forgiveness Prayer is another effective  forgiveness tool:

If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.
If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.
If I have hurt myself knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. ~ (for the highest loving context for others and myself.)
NOTE: Optimal use is three times a day for at least 28 days. I have seen miracles happen with this prayer, both with myself and clients! (Courtesy of Irma Kaye Sawyer http://irmaksawyer.com/)

We have said many times and we will say it again. Be within your Sacred Heart as much as possible, because your Higher Self/Soul is helping you every second of every day. The time has come for your incarnated Soul to merge with your Higher Self/Soul in a process called Ascension, and therefore they will work with you clearing and releasing all that no longer serves you. This is best done with a “Let Go and Let God” attitude. An attitude of Faith and Trust that your Higher Self/Soul knows what is best for you, will go a long way to making your Ascension process an easy one.

The human body is undergoing all sorts of upgrades and changes now that are resulting (for some people) in uncomfortable physical symptoms. Help your physical body in this process by eating properly. Heavy foods will place strain on your digestive system and you will end up feeling tired mostly. Follow guidance with this. When you go shopping for food, ask your Self for guidance on what to buy.

Know also that your Higher Self communicates with you in a number of ways, not just telepathically with words. Some of you may not be telepathic yet, but you can be assured you are still receiving communication from your Soul Self. This communication is most often received through feelings and thoughts. So pay attention to those. If you make it a habit to stay in your Sacred Heart at all times, you will have no problem ‘hearing’ this communication. Do not listen outside of yourself, or expect to hear this communication with your physical ears. It is only within your Heart that you will discern this communication.

Your Higher Self/Soul is your closest and best friend. Make an effort to connect with them in your Sacred Heart. They know you intimately and have been with you every step of the way throughout your incarnation here. There is nothing they don’t know about you. Get to know them and your life will change forever in ways that will astound you. The days of thinking you are alone and have to do everything alone are over. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for you. They have loved you forever and will go on loving you forever, no matter what. Namasté.

Blessed Be ♥

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