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Archangel Ariel - ProsperityProsperity “Your material needs are provided for as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.”

“Open your arms to receive the prosperity being poured upon you” ~ This is what Ariel’s message is to you today. Some of these treasures coming your way will be in the form of new opportunities. She will work with you to realize your highest dreams. She asks that you give any worries you may have over to her. She loves you very much and she is happy to help you in this way. She knows that with the prosperity you receive you will help others.

The Universe is abundant in every way and manifestation is effortless. A blade of grass growing between a tiny crack in a concrete sidewalk does not struggle towards the light. It allows the universe to do what it does best, and it knows that when the time is right, it will burst through the concrete into the sunlight.

So too should we exercise patience and know that everything happens with Divine timing. Our work is to stay in the Light and to focus on the positive.  Let go of any perceived outcome because the Universe will always provide you with something better. Stay in a state of gratitude also, because gratitude attracts more to be grateful for. Now I am hearing the words “It’s a kind of magic…” and the Queen song being played in my head. My angels love to speak to me this way. Lighten up also! Prosperity shines as do the coins in Ariel’s basket. Following your intuition is key. Like I mentioned a couple days ago, you are always being guided by your highest consciousness, and the guidance may come to you in many forms. Learn to trust your intuition and to let go of doubts. Remember, the Universe is your co-creator! Together you are the Creator of your reality. You are Divine Alchemy in action!


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