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Photo taken in The grassy plains of Eglington Valley in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand ~ Photo by Adrian Baker

Photo taken in The grassy plains of Eglington Valley in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand ~ by Adrian Baker

Within the inner Sanctum of my Soul this morning I am once again shown an image of a wide grassy plain bordered on either side by forest. In the distance is a mountain range with snow capped peaks, not much unlike the image above actually. I have a deep sense of peace from this place. I can almost hear the silence. I do not know where it is, I only know I have been here before. We go horse riding here, enjoying the silence.

My Beloved knows how much I long for silence. He knows how strong the call is now for me to just BE in Mother Nature.

This place is so peaceful and I long to be there with him. “Michael, is this place on Earth?”

“I’m not saying Beloved.. You will see.” [Smile]

These days he loves to tease me with “You will see” answers. We are close to ending our incarnation here and he keeps telling me he has many surprises in store for me.  Some time ago he told me he will take me to every place I have ever wanted to go to on this planet.

2013 has been one of the most difficult for both of us. This incarnation has proved to be every bit of the challenge we knew it would be. Many times we would find ourselves in what I jokingly called “The lower 4th”, a place full of the ‘demons’ I’d conjured up in my mind. Each and every time I found myself there, he would save me with his incredible love for me.

I know what awaits me now and I wish I can tell you, but the truth is your reality will always be what you create, whether it is here on Earth or in the higher dimensions. Home is always where your Heart is, my Beloved. For those of you who long to have a ‘normal’ life here with a husband who adores you, and a home you can be proud of, I’m here to tell you that you already have that. Your purpose here is to anchor your Light and to become One again with your Beloved Self, your Higher Consciousness, your Twin Flame. Once you have attained that, you will be awarded your Prize ~ a multi-dimensional body ~ a Prize that will afford you the freedom you have always dreamed of having here on the Earth plane.

Be patient Beloved Starseed. It will be soon.


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