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angel oracle card readingsThis message is all around these days. It seems to be bombarding most of us at this time. Believe and Trust in what? The message I am getting is to believe and trust in my Self. Not just me, but my Self. Why the capital ‘S’ you may be asking. Because when I say my Self, I am talking about my Higher Self, My Soul. The part of me that exists on the higher planes. My God Self. My Creator.

Whether we get the deeper meaning here depends on our level of consciousness. You will know at what level you are. There is so much I can share with you on this but as Socrates said “I cannot teach you anything, I can only make you think.” I went in search of quotes by Socrates this morning when I heard the words “Know Thyself”. And I asked myself the question, “do I know myself?” And more importantly “Do I know my Self?”. And is there any difference between who I am, and my Self? The answer is No. The only difference is that we exist in a different frequency of vibration. We exist on the Earth plane, since this our where we chose to incarnate into human physical form. But we are one and the same Soul and Being. The fact that this human body can only hold a female or male form, is neither here nor there. That is a minor detail.

Know that when you refer to yourself as “I”, you are talking about the whole of you, not just this human physical form you perceive yourself to be. In the movie “The Secret” someone said “You are not just this meat suit”.  The greater part of You exists in a higher plane of existence. You are being asked to trust in the greater part of yourself and believe in this part of your Self. This part of you is all knowing, it is infinitely wise, it holds infinite potential and possibility and is infinitely creative.

A few days ago when I was overcome by negative emotions, I said something hurtful to my Twin. He told me afterwards that he had waited a long time to hear me mock him. Somehow this shocked me. If we knew that every word we uttered is spoken as an instrument of the Divine, would we not be more careful of what we say? Every time you think of yourself as being less, you are denying who you are.

Think about this. Meditate upon it. Find within yourself your own inner truth. Go within your Heart. That is where you will find it. Your Soul is asking you to Trust and Believe in your Self. The moment of truth is upon you. Before you can move forward into the next stage of your awakening, or your ascension, you must decide. Do I believe and trust in who I am?


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