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ScreenHunter_07 Nov. 10 14.43The 12:12 Portal of 2013 – 12/11/2013

We have been preparing for our next portal experience; that of 12:12. This portal is a step before the grand Winter Solstice Gateway, which anchors and enhances what we do with this portal. A portal is an opening in Gaia that connects to the Sirian Universal Merkabah, spoken of in July, and its energy is available for us on December 12th. A Gateway is a larger opening that is universal and holds a much greater opportunity to indeed receive more Light and therefore, lifts us higher into our Ascension. Both of these galactic energy vessels infuse us with new Soul/Source codes that weave and upgrade us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. In fact, you might already be experiencing some physical manifestations like headaches, sleeplessness, higher pitched ear ringing, changes in appetite and whatever is unique for you.

These two powerful occurrences take us into next year, when there is a great merging of Soul; of Source; into our being, fully activating New Life for us and for Gaia. There are many, however, who have not awakened, have not made changes in their lives, or are new to their awakening. So, it just depends on how a person has shifted thus far as to how this portal and gateway will affect them. As you know, we are each on our own timeline, so our Ascension is unique for each individual. What I share here is for each person’s potential, based on choice.

Our preparation has included letting go of hype and illusions, rampant at this time of the year. We have been encouraged to observe dispassionately every aspect of our lives to see what is still of the old within. We have been prompted to let go of labels as a way to further let go of duality, and have been asked to be discerning with all we see, read and hear, because we are to be our own teachers, gurus and healers. Yet, many have not stepped up to being spiritually sovereign by accepting their own Power; Source Power. We’ve been asked to see where we are still attached…this includes addictions, “the way things should be,” a particular outcome, and the many beliefs and patterns that we have truly outgrown and yet may continue to perpetuate.

Anytime you say, “I want, I should, I am this or that, I wish, etc.” or have questions or ask what, how, why, who and where, know that you are allowing separate ego to lead you, rather than Soul (a person once referred to this is “mind candy”), for questions do nothing but keep you in your intellect, away from Heart, where Soul is connected. Being aligned with Soul, one has no questions, is humble, in Acceptance, still, not attached to anything, is the Compassionate Observer, sees only Oneness and sees the perfection of “what is.” When aligned with Soul, one has no expectations and dwells only in the Now. There are no judgments or comparisons. There is no seeing others as better or worse. The Soul-merged person knows that all is perfect according to their consciousness and that in Being, there is no striving or trying. This portal helps promote this Soul experience as a person allows the energy of the Universal Merkabah to infuse them with the Soul Codes needed to merge with Soul. And this is further empowered in a huge way at the Winter Solstice Gateway.

As you activate your own Merkabah (Light Body Vehicle) and connect with the Universal Merkabah, you raise your consciousness and awareness and empower your Soul Merge, the true purpose of Ascension. A raised consciousness creates your New Life. It has been happening a bit at a time, so that as we rise in awareness, we can see those things that get in our way of evolving. You know within you how to connect your personal Merkabah with the Universal Merkabah, so allow your Inner Guidance to show you. This is much more empowering than to have someone else tell you how to do it or do it for you in an “activation.” As you intend (that’s all it really takes) to have your Merkabah connect and receive from the Universal Merkabah, enhanced by this 12:12 portal, it happens. How each one perceives it, even if it seems as though nothing is occurring, is entirely designed for your own evolution in a unique way. (It is why I don’t offer activations or videos, as I know how powerful each of you are, and now it truly is time for you to know it yourself.)

Know that for the past few years, every time there has been a 12:12, with or without an event or awareness, it has created within you an expansion in Christ/Source consciousness, an activation of your New Blueprint and an upgrade in your mental, emotional and physical bodies. The 12-Strand DNA has been activated each time and your 12-Chakra system has as well. With each 12:12, you have risen in awareness, so much so that you could see what was holding you back and you made a commitment, conscious or unconscious, to evolve and change what needed to be changed. With this 12:12 (and last year’s), you are so aware and so awake that it is time for a full awakening and realization of Who you are, and so takes your active, purposeful participation, which further enhances the energies available for you. (It’s much like floating down the river. If you have oars, you can direct your boat to go with the current. Without oars, you may get snagged or end up in an eddy.) As you know; truly Heart-know and embrace this; your Lightbody is empowered and there is more merging with Soul and you see that indeed you are radiating so much Light that life doesn’t look the same and the world doesn’t either. With this portal, there is an initiation (remember, initiation is the beginning of something huge) of sorts into the full embodiment of Soul; your Divinity; and the empowerment of being a sovereign spiritual being that is fully aware and fully empowered to create Heaven on Earth.

What more can you do to allow this to fully take place? See where you are still believing in the old. Let go of your comfort zone, allow yourself to float freely for a bit and be honest with yourself about what still needs to happen. Are you still concerned with what others think and say? Are you looking for proof or results? Are you still doing things the way you were raised or because you’re expected to? Are you blaming circumstances and people for where you are? Remember, to evolve you must take full responsibility for all in your life. Whatever you are in the deep recesses of your being will recreate and recreate and recreate that which shows who you are within. So now you have the opportunity to take a giant step forward, for the portal and coming gateway support you!

The portal or guides or angels or your spiritual team do not do this for you. They can cheer you on and support your actions, but it is all up to you. (They support all choices and have no judgment as to what you choose.) So as you connect your Merkabah to the Universal Merkabah (your Heart Chakra is in the middle of your Merkabah and envelops your entire body including all dimensions 1-13), you receive this Light. The Light upgrades your Unity Consciousness, which further dissolves duality, and connects you to all others and this then is grounded into you and into Gaia. If you can imagine that each of your Merkabah points connects to others’ Merkabah points all over the world on 12-12 (at any time), a beautiful geometric pattern is created. The Light then pours to all others on Earth and then sends the Light back to the Universal Merkabah, creating an infinite flow  of Unity Consciousness Love Light that creates a loop of ongoing Light. This raises all in Love. Do you see it? Let go of how, why, what, where and who and any resistance, for resistance blocks the flow. Realize this Light interfaces with every cell, every atom and all systems within you. How can you help but to evolve with the Love and Grace pouring into and through and all around you?

Through the 12:12 portal, you have the potential to be reborn and further committed to your Ascension Path. You rise in Love, Unity and New life based and created in Love, Peace, Joy, Purpose, Creativity, Power, etc. And by you having this consciousness expressed in everything you do, say, and feel, your exquisite, beautiful and unique Love-Light radiates out to all of life, creating a life borne of this. Since all that you are radiates outward, do you want it to be of the New; of Love; or the old; of fear? The choice, as always, is ours.

Each of us is born to be great. Anyone you hold on a pedestal is merely mirroring to you what in Truth you are. This portal and gateway show us that there is no separation or difference between you and anyone else; past, present or future; in body or not. You are as great as the Ascended Masters and the Angels. You are as great as Source; for that is Who you are. Take this into your Heart and know the Truth of You.


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