Artwork by Sathrien (http://sathirien.deviantart.com)

Artwork by Sathirien (http://sathirien.deviantart.com)

I’ve deliberately taken out the word ‘Musings’ in the title this morning since I don’t feel much like ‘Musing”. Michael convinced me to print this because he insists someone somewhere feels the same way I do and this might help them.

I have woken up miserable again with my  physical body full of aches and pains, my nose and eyes streaming and my lungs burning. In my head are the words of a Dido song “I’m in love..” I tell my Twin a little sarcastically “I am happy for you. Congratulations.” He answers “Thank you. Congratulations to you too.” I tell him “I am not in love!” “Yes you are.” he says,  “You’re in love with me!” In my mind I see a blonde man on a horse in the forest dressed as a knight. He is carrying a sword. I’ve been arguing with him since last night, and now I feel bad. I do love him, and he knows it. He is doing all he can to ease my discomfort. I know my physical body is reacting heavily now to the pollution in the city. He tells me “Use the Pillar of Light my Love.”

I am still lying down, but I mentally surround myself in the Light. I immediately feel the energy of the Light around me. He says the affirmations with me:

I am safe and protected within the Pillar of Light.

The air that I breathe within the Pillar of Light is clean and pure.

My lungs are clear within the Pillar of Light.

My body is pain free within the Pillar of Light.

I am healthy within the Pillar of Light.

The Pillar of Light stays with me. It moves with me wherever I go.

I am safe and protected within the Pillar of Light. And so it is.

Strangely these affirmations work their magic and my nose clears, my lungs stop burning and I can breathe. You can change these affirmations to suit your own needs. Say them over and over again until you believe them. They work, trust me.

Michael told me when I started using the Light that Light is consciousness and that when I invoke the Light around me in this way I am invoking the help of my Highest consciousness. The consciousness of All This Is. It is powerful, that is for sure.

I think I will try to get some more sleep now. The morning is misty and cold and perfectly suited to a lie in. My Twin is happy again. He smiles and I smile back. Yes, we’re in love. We’re in the vibration of Love and each day I am more in this vibration with him as he helps me to integrate more of his highly dense energy with my own. The end is in sight, I know it. Please Lord, help me to get through this transition…


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