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merging with your i am presenceSome of you may be feeling major discomfort in your physical bodies now as your body releases all discordant energy before its final transition back into a multi-dimensional state. Let’s expand on this and explain what we mean by discordant energy.

Your I AM Presence is the part of You that is in the higher dimensions and as such vibrates at a much higher vibrational density than your physical body. When you merge your energy, which is a process that has been happening over a long period of time, you may or may not notice physical symptoms such as body aches and pains, headaches, flu like symptoms etc. All of these symptoms are as a result of toxic waste that has been stored in the muscles and tissues of your physical body. Let’s say you took painkillers on a regular basis or smoked cigarettes during this lifetime, the bulk of this toxic waste is being stored in the muscles and tissues of your physical body now. It doesn’t matter how healthy you think you are now, this toxic waste is still sitting there. When merging with the high density energy of your Counterpart in the Spiritual Realm, all of this become discordant energy and has to be released, thus the aches and pains. Think of the law of cause and effect. Even action has a re-action.

It is important now to take care of your physical vessel. It is undergoing a major transition on a physical level. If you are by any chance still popping pills for every ache and pain, and telling yourself its okay to do so, then its time to re-think what you are doing.

You are not here alone. The greater part of your SELF exists in the higher realms. Call it your I AM Presence, your Divine Counterpart, your God Self, your Creator, or Twin Flame for that matter. All are ONE and the same. This magnificent Part of YOU is also a HEALER and is able to help you create miracles in your life. Therefore when you experience any physical discomfort, go within and connect with your I AM Presence, which is forever present. Ask for the discomfort to be eased. Know that as it is being eased, you are to release that discordant energy also.

Your I AM Presence is waiting to work with you to help you make this transition back into multi-dimensional form.  Go into your Sacred Heart often and connect with your SELF. Listen, not with your ears, but with your Heart. You will hear what it is you need to do to make your transition easier on yourself. The language of the Soul is not expressed just in words, but in feelings. Trust these feelings and know that you are being guided with unconditional love all ways.


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