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ScreenHunter_10 Apr. 11 17.22One thing I am really grateful for now is that Mexico city is emptying as people leave to take their vacation elsewhere over the holidays. The city has moments of absolute quiet and it is blissful. Lying in and listening to the birds chirping in the trees nearby is music to my ears. There’s a new bird that arrived a couple weeks back, one I’ve not heard before. He has a call that sounds like it belongs to the jungles of the Amazon. Quite fascinating to listen to. If I close my eyes I can imagine I am right there in that jungle!

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride for many and the intense energy had us feeling moments of euphoria as well as moments of sadness. If you cried for no apparent reason, don’t feel bad about it. This is a tumultuous time energetically and it is permissible to let your emotions rise to the surface. I am being assured by my Counterpart that all is well even though it may not be apparent now. He is telling me to “hang in there” and remember that things always seem worse before they get better. “You will all of a sudden find yourself back in calm waters again!” The most important thing to remember is to stay positive and to use this glorious golden light that is now being beamed to Earth.

The highlight of my day yesterday was a meditation I did with Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn. If you missed it, no problem. I will post the replay as soon as its available. Michael is asking us to work with the incoming golden light now and to see ourselves grounding and anchoring this wonderful and very powerful light into the Earth’s diamond core. Every day in your meditations see yourself receiving more of the golden light in through your crown chakra’s and let it flow through your entire body filling your cells with its high vibration. Anchor it into the Earth’s diamond core and see it beaming from your Heart center out into the world around you. Send it to places and people you know are in need of healing and visualize a world that is  peaceful and filled with love, joy and every abundance imaginable.

You are all powerful beings. Do not doubt that. It is through your imagination that you will create the New Earth, so go wild! Let your imagination run free!

With Love and Blessings!


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