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wizardofoztechnicolorI have had further proof (as if I needed it) that we are loved, guided, supported, etc., more than we realize right now. Yesterday I received a message to ‘light-en up”, and then later I followed a thread on Facebook with an image of Ego vs Soul, and I thought “Yeah, I will share this. People should know how difficult the ego can be etc.,” and then I was led to some dear Soul’s profile page, and on his wall he had written a quote from The Wizard of Oz: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we‘re not in Kansas anymore…”. If you’ve been following the series on TV ‘Once Upon a Time’, you will know that in Season 3 they have been in Neverland ~ a place where what you believe is what you will experience, very similar to ‘real’ life is it not? Haha…’real’ life you say? Well……, what is ‘real’ depends on what you believe.

Our Higher Self/Soul/Higher Consciousness has the patience of Job.. perhaps more so. It will go to great lengths to get the message across. Sometimes it will even tell us directly, in plain language. But sadly even that doesn’t always mean we will get the message. Just because something is in plain sight doesn’t mean we will see it. Don’t blame yourselves though.. this is a great game we’re playing here, and it can seem to be a trial and tribulation, if we let it, which is why we are constantly reminded to ‘lighten up’! How we perceive something to be is how we experience it. Another way of putting it is ‘nothing has any meaning unless we give it meaning.’ That is a deep one to get through to your mind..

Talking of minds… let me explain how this article came about. I have, for some time now, believed that I was in a contest with my ego. I believed my ego was standing in my way and preventing what it is I have wished for from coming true. Then suddenly a couple hours ago ‘I got the picture and the message’ my Beloved Soul has been trying to get across to me lately.

“EGO is powerful, but not more powerful than you. YOU are the Master of your mind. YOU are a 3 Part Being ~ Body, Mind and Soul ~ No one part of you is meant to be more powerful than the other. All parts of you are meant to function in harmony with the other. Then you are in resonance with your Self.” ~ Archangel Michael

He said ‘..in resonance with your Self’, so that means if I let myself believe that my ego (my mind) is fighting with me, then I am out of resonance within myself and also with my Higher Self. At last.. I have figured it out.

The ego, which is your mind, will support whatever you believe to be true. Know that the sub-conscious mind determines around 95% of your behavior and therefore your life (living) experience. Therefore I can go on believing my ego is fighting with me, or I can choose to believe that it is supporting me. I choose the latter. Earlier on this year I believed that the ego did not understand love, and maybe it doesn’t. But I know now that it has my best interests at heart, and as such, it will support me in whatever I choose to believe.

So what is it you choose to believe Dorothy? Do you believe we have transcended the 3rd dimension? Haha… are you kidding me? Of course we have!

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