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merging of soulsIt is just after 4am and I am being encouraged by my higher Self /Soul/Beloved Twin flame, to write this blog entry. I want to share with you the experience I have had so far of the merging of our Souls, but first there is something else I want to share. I read a message yesterday that I thought had been channeled by Michael. It did not resonate with me at all. I asked him about it and this was his reply: “Just because it has my name on it doesn’t mean I channeled it.” Please do use your discernment when reading messages, even those scribed by popular channels. Go within your heart to discern whether a message resonates with you before taking it to heart. Speaking of hearts….

I have said before that your Sacred Heart/High Heart is a portal to connect with your higher Self/Soul or if you choose, your Beloved Twin Flame essence. My Twin and I have been merging our Soul energy for some time, years in fact. But only recently has my vibration risen sufficiently to reach the blissful or euphoric state that many of us have only read about.

This state of bliss or euphoria is one that cannot be accurately described; just know that it is a feeling that will leave you craving more of it, because it is natural for your soul to feel this way. It happened quite by chance two days ago when I was sitting in my Sacred Heart meditation and I felt myself going deeper than I had before. I suddenly felt my energy body filled with this euphoric bliss. Afterwards my Twin told me that he had helped me go deeper so that I could feel this state of bliss. I noticed also that the ringing in my ears had gone down (or up) an octave or two to a pleasant hum.

Yesterday I tried to reach the same state with him, but instead felt it differently. The energy was more sexual this time. He is telling me now that this is our Kundalini energy which rises within us when we merge our Souls. This merging is sexual in nature, whereas the other is more of a spiritual merging. Our language does not define the meaning of ‘sexual’ and ‘spiritual’ correctly in this context, but I am at a loss for words. The feeling of this potent sexual energy, cannot be accurately described and is one I am sure, in the end, will result in a state of orgasmic bliss.

I have chosen to have a sexual merging with my Beloved Twin. Do not worry, if you’re married or in a serious relationship, your Twin flame will not impose himself on you in this way. Looking back now I recognize that my Twin has in fact been merging his Soul with mine for most of my current lifetime. I recognize some of the symptoms. The biggest tell-tale, if you will, is the ringing in your ears. This is evidence that the higher vibrational energy of your Soul is merging with yours.

The Return to Oneness is the merging of Souls. In your current physical form, as your vibration rises, it is natural for your Soul to merge with its counterpart in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. This is Ascension. It is a transcending from one state of Be-ing, or Form, into another. It is not to say that you will lose your current form; you will become multi-dimensional and as such, you will hold your current form, albeit one more crystalline in nature; as well as know your Self on other levels or dimensions of Consciousness.

Exciting times are ahead of us. Stay positive. Go within your Self frequently. The more you go within, the easier your life becomes and the more thrilling!


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