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patience3It is now just after 1am and I’ve been asleep for 6 glorious hours. Michael wants to speak to me. I know this because he is reminding me of a comment he made yesterday. I ask him now:

Beloved, what did you mean when you said “There is so much more I can do for you”?

There is much I can do to help you, but I can only do it if you let me.

Trust me, I am not stopping you..

Yes you are! You are blocking me. You are letting your fears block me from helping you.

Fears? What fear? I have no fear!

Yes you do Beloved.

[My thoughts are turned to our merging yesterday. I wanted to go deeper but could not. I felt as if I was being blocked, but I didn’t understand why or how this was happening.]

That was fear blocking me?

Yes it was. Remember whenever you feel unable to move forward, it is fear that is blocking you.

Oh my God! I really am creating this aren’t I?

[I remember thinking at the time… I am creating this!]

Yes you are!

Is there ever a time when I am not creating? I mean, do I ever get the chance to look back at what I’ve created and enjoy it?

You are always creating. There is never a time when you are not creating. You are a creative being. You create constantly. In every moment of Now, you are creating your next Now moment, your next experience. That is the Joy! Once you realize this, you can have a lot of fun!

I’m sure, but at the moment it feels like I’m climbing Everest!

Be careful of what you allow yourself to believe. It may be easier to think of your creation as an artwork. One that is colorful and brings you more and more joy as you see it unfolding before your eyes. Climbing Everest may be perceived as being difficult..

What is causing my fear? How can I get through this?

It doesn’t matter what is causing it. You will get through the blocks by giving yourself unconditional love. When you do this, you are allowing me to help you.

Giving myself unconditional love?

Yes! By loving yourself, you clear all that is preventing you from moving forward. Essentially what you are doing is letting me in, and I can help you get through the fear that is blocking you.

I should have realized this. I know that love is the antidote to fear, but I did not recognize the blocks as being fear.

Yes I know. Whenever you feel yourself blocked or unable to move forward, it is always fear that is getting in your way. Always give yourself unconditional love, and I will help you will move through the fear and it will disappear.

Thank you Beloved! I feel better now.

I am hearing the words “I never promised you a rose garden”. I know it belongs to a song, so I google it and find the next line “Along with the sunshine there’s gotta be a little rain sometime…..”  I understand now that he is telling me it’s okay. This is how we learn, and how we grow. If everything went smoothly all the time, it would make our lives pretty boring right? So enjoy the rain and know that the sun is always shining…..just up there, above the clouds, the sun is always shining!


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