peaceful-state-of-mindI don’t know what else to say! What more can I tell people Michael? Please tell me, am I doing something wrong? This is my cry to him again this morning.

It is true that you can only guide people, the rest is up to them. My dear Mother says: “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.” So true. So sad though don’t you think? I have said over and over again: “All you will ever need is within you. Go within or you go without. Things cannot magically change unless you first change yourself. All change starts with YOU. And it starts when you begin to love yourself unconditionally. No one is going to rub a magical genie that will provide all your needs for you. So I will say it again. These are not my words, but the words of Archangel Michael: “All you will ever need is within you.”

He has said that the truth exists within you also. I’m not asking you to believe my truth. He is asking you to go within yourself to find your truth; go within your Sacred Heart and connect with the greater part of your Self. Your Soul, Higher Self, I AM Presence, God, Source of ALL That IS. Call it whatever you will, it doesn’t matter. There are NO rules here, save those you have made for yourself! You need no special words, nor do you need to perform any special ritual in order to make this connection. Go within or go without. It’s as simple as that.

Everything is simple really. The secret of the Universe [if there is one] is simple. YOU are your own little universe. Think of the Tree of Life. You are a branch of the Tree of Life. Each little branch is an intrinsic part of the whole tree. Just as you are a part of the One. The little branch lives in harmony with itself on the Tree. You have to be in harmony with your Self, before you can be in harmony with the rest of the Tree or the One. It starts with You. By loving yourself, you will begin to love your Self. Oneness starts with you. You have to be in Oneness with yourself and your Self, before you can be in Oneness with the entire Universe.

When I say ‘yourself’ I am talking about YOU as you are now, in this form on this physical realm, and when I say ‘your Self’, I am talking about the BIG YOU, the you that exists within the Higher realms of Consciousness. Call it God, Source, Creator, Higher Self, Twin Flame, Divine Complement, I AM Presence ~ it doesn’t matter. It is waiting for you to make this connection between yourself and your Self. You can only make this connection if you go within your Sacred Heart. This is the portal to your higher Consciousness and understanding. This is the portal that will connect you to your eternal Wisdom, to infinite Possibility and Creativity. Why on Earth would you try to do this all alone?

All that stands in your way is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of that which you cannot see with your human eyes. Fear is an illusion, one that is conquered only through unconditional Love for yourself. You are not alone, and you never will be. So why do you insist on doing everything yourself?

Archangel Michael said to me again this morning: “You have no idea how much I can do for you.”
I have fears. I am human, and there is nothing wrong with that. He reminded me again this morning that I only have to ask and it shall be given. Didn’t I tell you he has the patience of Job? The greater part of YOU has infinite Patience also! As well as infinite unconditional Love and understanding, compassion, kindness etc. There is no end to how much they can do for you. Did you know they feel sad every time you try to do it alone? They hold their heads in their hands and say to themselves: “Why oh why doesn’t she listen to me???”

Remember who you are, and start today to love yourself free.

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