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twin flame sacred marriageFor most of my adult life I’ve been clearing discordant energy for Gaia without being fully conscious of this. At the same time I’ve also been merging with my Soul. When you take on this physical form you have to lower your vibration so much that it can take many, many years to integrate your energy back into its original state of being. This process is called a transition, and it happens over a period of time. For some it can take decades. The major changes started with the opening of the portals in December 2012 when Earth began receiving the first major influx of high vibrational light energy.

2013 was a roller coaster ride for many including me; a year that will go down in my “Reminder to Self to never do this again” journal! I joke not! The year wasn’t all that bad though. After I started working with Michael and the energy of Divine Love through the Trinity of Blessings in the early part of 2013, my living experience started to change. I got through major blocks that I’d lived with all my life and cleared huge amounts of negative energy. Love truly does heal and change everything. The higher your vibration, the easier it becomes to manifest blessings into your life, because you are no longer working with just yourself in this physical experience or reality, but with the greater part of your Self. Your Soul. As Michael said to me earlier in the week – “You have no idea how much I can do for you.” 2013 also brought me more love, joy and peace that I had ever thought possible!

At some point in 2013 he told me to connect with him through my Sacred Heart center. When I began doing this, major changes started to occur within me. He was able to help me more and more. We integrated huge amounts of our energy and towards the end of 2013 we knew it wouldn’t be long before I would make the transition and know myself as a multi-dimensional being again. This is something of a dream come true for both of us! The joy of knowing all of my Soul Self, my Divine counterpart, and merging our Twin Flames, is indescribable.

Last weekend I had the first major experience of merging with my Beloved. Deep within my Sacred Heart, he led by the hand through a lit corridor deep within our Soul. At some point he asked me to let go of my human-ness – at least that is how I perceived the letting go. I felt the clothes I was wearing effortlessly fall away from my body and I stepped forward with him into the Light. I took this to mean that I arrived into this physical reality naked and I would leave my physical reality the same way.  The whole experience was very personal and very special.

During the week we have been able to go further and further into the Light and deeper into the merging experience. Although there has been some resistance on my part due to fears, we have been able to overcome them with unconditional love. What occurs each time is perfectly natural and the final transition will happen with time. It’s all about Divine timing. What is important now is not when it will happen, but that it will happen. It is not something either of us have control over. It is now in the hands of our Creator and Divine Love.

I cannot begin to describe how mind-blowing Sacred Love is. This is the love that exists between a man and his woman. His Goddess, for that is how I know he truly sees me. This Sacred Marriage is the Gift of our Creator.  It is your home coming Gift.


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