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divine love forceWhat is happening now will change the world. The Earth is receiving the most powerful Light transmissions in her history and her Lightworkers are grounding this Light into the body of Gaia every time they ground themselves, as they have been guided to do. By grounding your Light you are giving Gaia back to herSelf. Do you see now why it is so important to ground yourselves? Light is Love and it IS the most powerful and creative force you have ever encountered and ever will encounter, for Love is everything YOU are, and therefore essentially ALL you will ever need.

We are talking about Divine Love here, not the romantic and conditional love you have been conditioned to believe is true love. The love of which we speak is unconditional. It is non-judgmental and requires nothing from you. It has no expectations, no limitations. It is infinitely wise, infinitely creative and holds infinite possibility.

You will find this love within yourself. We have said before that you are so much more than you perceive yourself to be. You are a body of energy that extends way beyond this physical body, and way beyond your current comprehension.  Your body of energy exists on many different levels and dimensions of consciousness. Your Soul is this body of energy and it houses your mental, emotional, etheric (light) and physical bodies. So when we say that you will find this love within yourself, we are guiding you to go within your Sacred Heart to open the portal that will connect you to the YOU that is your Soul.

Your Soul is Divine Love. It expresses Divine Love in everything. It is the Heart of Divine Love. Your Soul loves you unconditionally. It supports you, guides you and will help you to create and manifest your hearts deepest and greatest desires.  When you are expressing yourSelf, you express Divine Love. When you work in tune with or in sync with your Soul, you are working with the most powerful and creative force in the Universe. Thus, you have the power to create miracles, not only in your own life, but in the world around you.

We have told you also that your Light shines brighter and brighter each day. Each day you integrate more of the incoming Light, and therefore each day you are becoming more of your True Self, which is Divine Love. Keep on releasing the old energies by letting go of old and negative thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you for they have kept you in the illusions of the old paradigm. By releasing them you make space for the new incoming Light energy.

Each morning go within your Sacred Heart space and say “Hello” to your Soul Self. “How can I best serve my Self today” opens up opportunities you never realized were possible before.  Love is the gateway and portal to living in the New Paradigm. It is the Force that will change the world. It is You.

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