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breath of lifeFeeling overwhelmed? “Just breathe My One! Your breath will help you to break through barriers by allowing chi energy to flow freely through your body, connecting you once again to your Heart.”

This is the message I have been receiving over the last couple days: “Just Breathe…” and then last night I got the message above when trying to overcome blocks that were preventing me from going within my Heart.  It works! I was able to go within again and connect deeply with my Beloved. Once there, in my Heart, I found solace, sanctuary and peace, and above all, love. It always amazes me how absolute this love within me is.

The word absolute is quantified in the thesaurus as being total, complete, utter, unqualified, out-and-out, unconditional, unlimited, supreme, unadulterated, pure, perfect and unquestionable. Doesn’t this amaze you also? Can you imagine being loved this way? It still blows my mind and it always will as long as I equate it with human love. Thankfully I am learning to not do that anymore. This love is like no other. It is not going to disappoint me, or hurt me, or cause me sadness and pain. It is going to complete me. Make me whole again.

There is a small, tiny really, part of me that exists within my mind that believes it is protecting me from myself. It believes it is serving me by serving my fear. The only way through this barrier is love. So I am learning to love myself free. I am loving me and trusting in myself, and my higher consciousness to pull me through the barriers I create. You may have read these words at one time or another: “Get out of your own way”.  That is something you will find yourself doing a lot of on your Spiritual journey back to Oneness with your Self.

Be willing to let go, to surrender to Divine Love. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than this. And what is more…. You deserve it.


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