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Merging with your I AM PresenceYour ascension is guaranteed, however, you’re deciding the pace at which you’re ascending. You’re co-creating your ascension with your Soul/I AM Presence, but your Soul/I AM Presence is working with you at your designated pace because this is your reality and you have the free will to decide how you wish to experience your reality.

You are and always will be a creative being. You never stop creating your reality, even once you are back in your lofty home in the higher realms, you will still create what it is you wish to experience in any Now Moment. This has and always will be how it works. It will never change.  But humans insist on not taking responsibility for their living experience. They insist on having someone else to blame because it lets them off the hook, so to speak. They fall victim to the many false assurances that are abundant on the internet. They look outside of themselves and lament: “When is my life going to change??” “What am I doing wrong??” It is not so much what you are do-ing, but rather what you are choosing to BE.

It is simple. All change starts within You. Once you are in harmony/balance within yourself, you will radiate harmony/balance without, affecting the collective consciousness of humanity. Having said that, understand that you are always affecting the collective consciousness of humanity, whether it’s in a negative or positive way, is for you to decide. This is the law of cause and effect in action. The good news is that positive thoughts, words and actions have a far greater effect than the negative ones. So it takes fewer of you to effect the change you all wish to see in your World.

Let us reiterate: You will not find the answers you are looking for outside of yourself. Do not go seeking to find your Truth in someone else’s words, actions or deeds. You came here already knowing your Truth. It is inside of you. You will only be able to access it once you understand and accept who and what you are.

You are a Divinely created Being. You are an individuated Soul of the Source of All That Is. Your Soul is your I AM Presence, and you are its co-creator. Your I AM Presence is always with you ~ that is why it is referred to as a ‘Presence’. It can never leave you. It is presently around you and always will be. When you utter the word “I”, you are not just referring to the ‘little’ you perceived in this physical reality, but to the YOU that is your I AM Presence, your Soul.

You are in essence a Being that exists solely in the vibration of Love, Divine Love, that is. Love is a state of Be-ing. You are returning to this state of being through your ascension in vibration and consciousness.  Love is All That Is, and you are a part of All That Is, so therefore, YOU are LOVE. Once you understand this fully and completely, you will know that you already have inside of yourself all it is that you need, because inside of YOU, within your Sacred Heart, resides your I AM Presence.

And therein lies your true power. We have said you are powerful beings and we have guided you to take back your power. And we will do so again. Go within your Sacred Heart and open the door to the power within you. Your I AM Presence is waiting to become One with you again.  Your return to Oneness starts with YOU. When you begin to merge, or become One again with your Self or I AM Presence, you will, by your higher vibration and consciousness, affect the vibration and consciousness of the collective, thereby effecting the change you wish to see in your World.

Your I AM Presence is Divine Love. Love is ALL you will ever need to BE.


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