twin flame conversationsFor some weeks now I have heard the call of an unusual bird. I live in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world: Mexico City. There are avenue’s of trees teeming with birds. Less in winter than in summer, but nevertheless, this bird does not belong here. I know this intuitively. He has come from afar and although this may sound silly to some, he is calling me Home. His call reminds me of the Amazon, and I am convinced more than ever that it is no co-incidence either that this bird arrived here about a month ago, which would make it around the 21st December… the Winter Solstice.

My Twin had this to say when I questioned him about the bird:

“I’m not saying a word…..” [Smile]

This is his usual answer to me when he is unwilling to own up to something … But I know intuitively this is his doing.

I asked him yesterday if we happen to have a refuge we visit/create that is similar to the one in the image above. I have a feeling that we do, and that this refuge is somewhere near or around the Amazon.

“Yes we do!” [Wide grin]

This bird is a male bird? His mate is not with him?

“Correct..” [Big Cheshire Cat Smiles]

So this bird has come to ‘call me Home’, to remind me of the Wild, of Mother Nature, that I love so much. It has come to bring me JOY and it has! I adore it’s call, it is music to my ears! The bird is a metaphor for the current changes I am experiencing in my life. It all makes sense now.

There is something I want you to know, which is the reason I am sharing this little tidbit of information with you. There is nothing that the angels couldn’t or wouldn’t do for you. They love to bring you messages of hope, so don’t be surprised to receive a message that is seemingly out of the ordinary. Anything is possible…


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