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angel guidance and messagesI had a little fun with the Angels this morning as I was doing some chores. I couldn’t help laughing out loud at their humor and I knew they wanted me to share this with you!  So there I was standing with a little brush and pan cleaning the dust from a drawer and I heard:

“Angel doctors to your rescue! You have been diagnosed with a serious bout of funigilitis lady!” I replied, “What is that? Is it serious?” I start chuckling because I know they are looking to have a little fun with me and they want me to laugh! “It is caused by the absence of fun in your life lady, and yes it is quite serious! You risk losing your inner child if you continue this behavior. We advise you to put down your pan and brush set immediately and do something fun!” I am laughing out loud now!  I tell them, “I wish! I have to finish cleaning here!” But they had accomplished their task ~ making me laugh and brightening my day.

Those of you who believe the Angels are always serious are in for a big surprise! The Angelic Realm are great supporters of joy and fun. Joy is of the highest vibration and one that co-exists with Love and Peace. Angels live among us and they are well aware of what our human existence entails, having been on the Earth plane with us for many lifetimes. When you let angels into your life, be prepared for their humorous interjection often. It is their greatest joy to lighten our burdens and to bring a smile to our sometimes too serious faces!

Guidance from the Angelic Realm for today:

Let out your inner child to play! Allow yourself to have some fun now and again. Your inner child longs to play. Having fun lifts your vibration and moves you into your Heart. You are loving yourself and nurturing your Soul when you let out your inner child. Children know how to have fun, so let go and let your inner child guide you. You deserve it!

Have a Blessed and Fun Filled Happy day Everyone!

Angel Hugs & Blessings!
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