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healing past lifetime fearIt’s just after 3am again and I have done it. I have faced my worst fear. Within the deep recesses of my mind I had held onto a phobic fear of spiders. Not the ordinary kind, although I’m not too fond of those either, but the big hairy kind. All throughout this lifetime I have held onto this fear and never understood where it came from. My last encounter with one was about 4 years ago, and it wasn’t fully grown, only about 2 inches in diameter. It had come in through the bathroom window and I saw it immediately.  I felt a mind numbing fear go through my body. I started to panic and couldn’t breathe. My heart rate increased dramatically. This was how it felt to have this fear.  I was so bad that I couldn’t even look at a picture of one without some of the symptoms appearing.  I knew I would have to release this fear, but I resisted releasing it because I couldn’t face feeling it again. Michael and I started working on this fear over a year ago already and he took me gently through many releasing processes until I could look at a picture of one, and even imagine seeing one on a wall without the physical reaction I’d previously experienced. My mind still plagued me to release the fear fully, but I could not face up to it until tonight.  I was gently led to where it all started.

In one of my lifetimes I was walking in a remote area fell through a hole in the ground that was covered in long grass. The hole turned out to be an entrance to a cave, and also the nest of huge tarantula spiders. I had also injured myself quite badly with the fall. The cave was almost dark but I knew I was not alone down there. In excruciating pain I tried to move but could not. I started to feel the spider webs and I knew then what was crawling on me. I panicked. After a minute or two my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I saw the movement of what looked like hundreds of spiders. This is very basically how the fear had been born. I wasn’t in the cave long before Michael took me out of there.  There was no way I was getting out of there alive. He could not stand my suffering and I am eternally grateful for what he did. He told me I was in there no more than 6 minutes. My physical body was never found.

I had to face the fear, in other words be willing to release it before my healing could start. So I told him tonight I would face it. I could do it knowing he was there to love me through it. I thought I would feel the fear again, but I did not. I felt it licking at the edge of my consciousness, but I kept myself surrounded by light and firmly grounded in my heart and I knew I was safe.  I had been prepared to feel the fear again, but I suddenly had a knowing that there was no way Michael would ever let me go through that again.  That is the extent of Divine love in action.  There was no need for me to ever experience the fear again, not unless I wanted to. Why do we think we need suffer? I knew also that I now had to go back into the cave to heal the me in that lifetime. I went in there and she held onto me, sobbing her heart out. I gave her all the love I had within me and told her everything would be okay. I could feel spiders crawling on me whilst I was in there, but I did not care. We held onto each other and I cried with her.

The healing had a domino effect and not only healed the me in that lifetime, but also me in this lifetime and all my other lifetimes where I had needed to be healed from the trauma this fear had installed within my unconscious mind.

I wasn’t going to write about my experience tonight, but then I read this passage from The Partnership  Book 1 – Teachings from the Seraphim Angels:

“Here with me you are free from pain, free from doubt, free from worry.  As I stand before you now Beloved, surrender to love. Give yourself to love. Give yourself to freedom. Give yourself to bliss and ecstasy. Let go and allow. Your fear and worry and doubt and pain dissolve in the light of Divine Love. While you are here with me, there is nothing else but you and me. Feel it Beloved, how much we love each other.”

This is exactly my experience so far of living in the light of Divine Love. This is the love of our higher Self/Soul, our Divine complement and Twin flame, our Father/Mother God, and Creator.

Michael and I spoke earlier about the extent of people’s suffering in the world. I had always believed that we choose what it is we will experience in our incarnation, but that isn’t true.  Not every experience we have is in our original blueprint. It is these experiences that have incurred the karmic debt of humanity. It was never our wish to experience suffering. Could you imagine a highly evolved being wishing that upon their incarnated self? No, it is unconscionable. It all makes so much sense now. It is through the love of the Divine that humanity is saved. The Golden Light of Christ Consciousness is available to all of humanity now. This Divine Light is what will heal humanity and Gaia and it is with this Divine Golden Light of Divine Love that we will create our New Earth.

I want to share this link again with you to the Dec 21 Solstice meditation done with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael. Do this meditation often. Everyday your vibration is rising a little, and so you are able to hold more and more of the Golden Light within your being. When you ground the golden light into Gaia and bring it into your body you are healing both Gaia and yourself, and this will have a domino effect on all of humanity ultimately. This is your life purpose and the reason why you chose to answer Gaia’s call for help. You have the power within you. Go into your hearts and you will find it there, waiting for you.


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