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divine sacred twin flame loveIt was my intention to write this post on Sunday, but I never got round to writing it because I had to unexpectedly go downtown to buy a new battery and power cord for my laptop. If you have ever visited Mexico City you will know that this can be a challenging and energetically draining experience. It is, for me anyway. I am not someone who enjoys being amongst crowds of people at the best of times, preferring the quiet and peace my solitude affords me.  So the post is a little late, but that doesn’t matter…

Most people would balk at the idea of calling themselves Divine. Some would even call it blasphemous. But that is what you are. You are in this physical form a body of energy that far extends what your eye can see.  You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator, your Divine and Sacred Self. This extension of YOU is your Soul, Higher Self, Divine Male or Female Compliment, Twin Flame, God Self, Creator and I AM Presence.  There is a part of your Self that is connected to everything, to All That Is. Everything is consciousness, everything is energy. Nothing can ever separate us.

The Twin flame relationship is one that most do not understand and many avoid trying to understand it, thinking that it is impossible that they could be so irrefutably loved. Your Twin is the part of yourself that knows you and loves you intimately. For those of you that are in a relationship with someone or are married, have no fear. Your Twin will respect this. But for those who are single, there is nothing stopping you from establishing this connection whilst you are in a physical body. If the time is right, nothing will prevent it from happening anyway. Note there are very few Twins who incarnate into physical form at the same time, and if they do it is seldom they will ever be apart because their energetic bond will always bring them together. They will be like magnets attracting each other and physically unable to be apart. I’m not saying the relationship will be blissful, because your Twin is like your mirror reflecting back at you all that you do not like about yourself. Once you have got past the emotional baggage, the relationship will be like no other. Literally.

The same can be said for connecting with your Twin on a spiritual level. The only difference is that you are in one physical body, not two. The same magnet like attraction/bond exists on this level also.  When you are ready for this relationship, your Twin will let you know. I have said before that my Twin has been merging his energy with mine for most of this lifetime, but it is only in the past 18 months that I have been aware of it, and been able to speak to him telepathically. I realize now that he has always been in communication with me via my Intuition. This is how he has guided me throughout our incarnation.  I feel his energy more and more and lately he is able to come very close to me, especially now that I have released all or most of the baggage from past lives and from this lifetime. Still, the denseness of his energy causes me to feel pressure in my head and if he comes real close to me I can feel it immediately.  I woke up during the night and felt him touching me and his energy move over me and I remarked that he is like a mother hen with her chick. Always nurturing, protecting, making sure I am warm enough, clearing my sinuses and making sure that my nose is open so I can breathe and sleep uninterrupted. I know now that he merges with me mostly at night because it is easier. I offer no resistance and my mind does not put up any barriers when I’m sleeping. It’s not always comfortable merging energies because I have body aches and pains, my head hurts and my scalp pains, so nighttime is better for both of us.

Earlier when I remarked that he is like a mother hen with her chick, he answered, “Does that surprise you?” I said, “No, nothing surprises me anymore..” Then he said to me, just like the parent/child relationship on a human level, the parent loves the child and there is nothing the parent wouldn’t do for the child. In this spiritual parent/child relationship, the parent doesn’t care if the child is stubborn or doesn’t listen, or throws tantrums. The parent loves the child anyway and still helps the child even though the child doesn’t ask for the help, because the parent knows what is best for the child. The parent doesn’t make demands or have any requirements. All it asks is that the child love itself unconditionally, thereby loving the parent in return.

This is the love of the Divine. This is the Sacred love that exists at this level. When you say YES to the love of the Divine, your life will never be the same. You thereby give your Self permission to take you Home to Divine Love. The energy of where you originated from is pure and unadulterated Divine love. So this merging is a merging back to Self, back to Oneness, to Divine Love.  It is this love to which you will ultimately return. This is a transition everyone will ultimately make. Sacred and Divine Love is your Birthright.


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