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freedomI have just realized I am already a multi-dimensional being.

Congratulations Beloved! I am so happy you have remembered this.

I have also just realized why you keep telling me to go within my Sacred Heart. It truly is a Portal into higher dimensions of reality and consciousness. I did not fully understand this before now. In fact I now realize that your consciousness or conscious mind is mostly hidden away within my unconscious mind. Am I correct in saying so?

This is correct.  The longer you are able to stay within the portal, the more of my consciousness you will integrate into your conscious mind. Remember I said also that I can help you more if you stay within your Heart.

Yes I know. I also realize that while I am in the Portal I retain consciousness of my 3D form and that is why I am feeling the intense pressure of your higher density energy in my physical body.

Correct again Beloved! But this will become easier also with time. You will be able to go further and further into your, and mine of course, higher consciousness.

I now understand how we, as a multi-dimensional being, can manifest what we need into our 3D reality.

Be careful of the word ‘need’, as words carry a frequency of energy and as the word suggests, you will continue to manifest more of the vibration of ‘need’. Rather than ‘need’ use the words ‘unselfishly desire’. When you are in your Sacred Heart portal with me, you will continue to manifest what you materially need anyway. That is a given. I have told you that you will no longer have any problems manifesting your material needs. Provided you are working unselfishly for the benefit of All That Is and Gaia. The Universe will continue to provide this for you without you having to ask.

I also understand that at some point I will retain full consciousness of my multi-dimensional realities.

That is true. In time you will be able to perceive more of yourself and me, as you are able to retain more of this in your awareness and conscious mind.

In my dream earlier I was with my two sisters and brother from this lifetime. I’ve also had other dreams lately which include my Mother and Father from this lifetime. Is it possible that these dreams could be other realities of mine?

Absolutely! Does it surprise you that you chose the same soul family with which to go through this incarnation?

No, I told you nothing surprises me anymore! But that is so incredibly exciting! I am beyond excited now! So I have been accessing my other realities which are all happening in the Now? Because time doesn’t exist?

Correct again Sweetheart! Time is a 3D illusion.

Earlier I woke up from pain in my right ear because I’d pushed my earplug in too deep. (I wear these earplugs because the noise drives me up the wall here!) You told me to take out the earplugs because I no longer needed them. Then you said to go into my heart and stay there. I noticed that when I did that, I was able to transcend the noise and also the pain, which disappeared before long.

My Beloved, I am beyond words… I am so happy for you, for us!

I know, I feel it too…

I have only one thing to say to you….Congratulations! You are beginning to know yourself, your True Self. Your world is about to change in ways you could not imagine. You will continue to expand and grow and remember yourself and me, and I want you to know that now the fun part starts! I will be with you all the way my Precious Love. You and I are One, we always have been and always will be. World without end.

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