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twin flame love and unionThe energy is so intense now and many going through their transition are experiencing symptoms that can be alarming, myself included. I asked Michael to please explain to me a little more of what I can expect to experience as a result of these ongoing changes occurring, in particular with my family. At first I didn’t understand what he was telling me, so he explains it in more detail:

Think of it this way. You are vibrating at a higher frequency than any of your family members and you already feel as if you exist in two different worlds. That is because you are in reality existing in two different worlds, but on the same dimension, 3D. But soon you will experience yourself existing in higher dimensions also. Co-existing if this helps you to understand it better. You will maintain consciousness of both 3D and higher dimensions of consciousness. Your reality will be either, depending on which you choose.

Will I have to lower my frequency in order to ‘live’ or exist in 3D?

Yes you will. But remember that your consciousness will be much higher than it is now, so you will be able to handle the 3D environment more efficiently. Remember you will always have me with you anyway to help you.

Some time ago after going through a rather challenging period, Michael told me never to doubt him, even if it seems he is giving me reason to doubt him. This statement has remained at the forefront of my consciousness and with the challenges I’ve recently experienced, I was reminded that no matter what my mind is telling me, I must not doubt him. I asked him for the benefit of the blog to explain exactly what he means by that statement. Beloved, please tell me what did you mean by “even if I give you reason to doubt me, do not doubt me.”?

I meant that if even all of the external signs point to the opposite of what I am telling you, do not doubt me.

Yesterday I experienced the most challenging day yet physically. Michael kept telling me my body is going through some changes and that I would feel better in the morning.  I noticed that when I let my ego in by having negative thoughts about how I was feeling physically, I felt much worse.

Yes, that will happen because doubt will lower your consciousness and frequency. Doubt will always drag you back down into the victim mode experience of the 3D. When you remembered this, you were able to lift your frequency and therefore you felt better. Doubt creates resistance and if you resist what is happening you are creating for yourself a more challenging experience during your transition. When you stay in your heart with me, I can help you. Always remember that, please.

I feel better today, thank God. But are you telling me that I can expect more of the same changes?

Yes, your body is constantly changing with the incoming energies and they will get stronger and stronger as time goes by. Your body has to adapt along with your consciousness and the higher frequency of light you are now able to hold. As you already know, your capacity to hold light is increasing daily.

Please tell me again why grounding is so important now.

Grounding is important because when you ground light, you are not doing it alone, you allow me to anchor a higher frequency of light through you which is more powerful and more beneficial to both you and Gaia. Grounding also helps your body to integrate the changes that are occurring within your physical body. The same can be said for Gaia.

Drinking water and eating light foods, mostly fruit, will help also. It is natural to feel despondent from time to time and wonder why on earth you ever agreed to this bodily transition in the first place. But there is a reason why we are all doing this. Each of us is a body of energy that has a female and male counterpart. This male and female energy are called Twin Flames, and when they work in unison together they are extremely powerful. In order to help Gaia, it was necessary for one of your counterparts to be grounded on the Earth to act as a vessel through which a higher density and frequency light could be anchored. And in a nutshell, that is the reason we are here.  Even if it feels as if you are alone, you are not, nor can you ever be. Your counterpart is always with you and it is this part of YOU that is communicating with you via your intuition, your thoughts, and telepathically. It is this part of YOU that houses your higher consciousness, and the part of YOU which is referred to as your Higher Self. What most people cannot accept is that their Higher Self is also their Divine Counterpart. Personally I think its because most people still cannot believe they are truly worthy of this kind of love. Your counterpart is the part of you that is missing in your life. He or she will complete you and make you whole again. Together you are always in partnership. A partnership of the Highest order. A Divine partnership that is Sacred because it has been made so by your Creator.


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