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surviving mercury retrogradeThis Mercury retrograde is messing with a lot of people right now, myself included. First and foremost we need to remember that Mercury is not really travelling backwards… that is an optical illusion created by planetary movement. All that is really happening is Mercury has slowed down. We can use this as a metaphor right now in our own lives.

If you are tempted to make major decisions now, stop! It could be that you are being too hasty and that the decision you are making or about to make, will take you BACKWARDS. Take Mercury’s advice and SLOW DOWN, and let your Higher Self guide you into the moment of NOW. Ask yourself, what is it that I am doing right now? Is what I am doing supporting who I am and who I am becoming?

Avoid thinking of the future if you can. Remember Celestial beings live in this moment, there is no timeline, no future, as everything is happening in the Now.  As humans we are always tempted to look into the future, to plot and plan for ourselves a future that makes us feel more secure. Look also at what is motivating you. Is it your mind/ego or your heart? Many feel insecure now because our hearts are leading us into virgin territory within ourselves, to places that before now have remained unexplored, unchartered territory.

Mercury retrograde guides us into taking a closer look at ourselves and asks us to delve deeper into who we are.  Use this time for inner-reflection and know that whatever you decide is okay. It is and always will be supported by your Higher Self. The real question is this:  Is this decision you are about to make, supporting YOU. Is it supporting your transition? Is it really going to make your heart sing with Joy? Because if it’s not, then stop right now and take a closer look at the motivation behind the decision.

Mercury encourages us to COMPLETION – to complete what we have already started.  So slow down, take a closer look inside yourself.  It is a good time to round up all the loose ends. Work on the little issues that you have allowed to hold you back. Trust that your Higher Self is guiding you all the way. Ask for signs if you are unsure. Enjoy this time now. Don’t be hasty, BE in your Heart and TRUST your Self.


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