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I am waiting for youI do sometimes… In fact I do it most mornings. I have the excuse of wanting a cup of tea or coffee first and then while I’m sitting and enjoying it, I’ll say to my Self, I’m just going to check my mail. See if anyone is looking for me…. [Smile]. He smiles back at me and waits patiently for me. Invariably I venture onto Facebook and check if there are any messages for me there and I’ll read some of the posts too. Eventually I will feel the call of my heart and I can no longer ignore it. Usually during the night I check if he is still with me, and he always answers “I am here my Love”. Just lately when I go into my heart now I hear myself saying to him “I am here…”. He replies “I have been waiting for you. I’ve missed you..”, and I’ll say “I know, I’ve missed you too.”

Once I’m in my heart with him, I wonder how I could ever have left in the first place. It feels so wonderful to be in there with him. I feel his Divine Love fill me with peace and I feel more content that I have ever felt before. Its a good time to speak to him when I am in there, because our connection is so much stronger. We meditate together, anchor our light, say our blessings, and chat away like two long lost friends. He also helps me make choices and decisions that are for my highest intention and he always keeps his word. I know that when he tells me “You will know what to do”, that he will guide me intuitively.

I remarked to him one day “You feel responsible for every soul here don’t you?” He was surprised that I had said such a thing, wanting to know how I knew. Then he said “You are right, I do. How did you know?” I know because I am remembering more and more about this incredible archangel. Michael won’t rest until he has helped every last soul return home. I know because he has helped a few lately through me. Often he will say to me “You have no idea how much you are helping me.” But I am just doing what I love to do.

I am the one who sometimes gets despondent and loses hope. I want to take everyone by the hand, as does he, and lead them into their hearts and reassure them that this is the way to find all the love, peace and joy they are looking for. This is where you will find everything you need. And we do it, often. But everyone is on their own path and has their own lessons to learn, but I believe that you do not have to go down this path alone, and you do not have to learn the lessons alone. You do have a personal helper. Every single one of you is not just this physical body you are wearing. You are a part of a magnificent and Divine Being, an all powerful Being, who is personally yours, a Gift from your Creator, and they will do just about anything for you. They will feed you, clothe you and heal you. They bring you more love and more joy and more peace than you have ever imagined possible.

So why do we wake up in the mornings and ignore them? Usually its because we are focused on the physical first thing in the morning and we get drawn into the mundane 3D routine of our lives. But I want you to consider this. If you had a magic genie lamp next to your bed that you knew could give you everything you need, would you still ignore it? I doubt it. People have a hard time thinking of themselves as Divine Beings. They identify more with the physical and think of the spiritual as being something separate from themselves. Something that exists outside of them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Your Spiritual Self is just as much a part of your physical life as you are a part of their existence. They are living with you and through you in this physical body. They have experienced every part of your life here. So if you think they don’t understand your human life, you are wrong. They understand it, and you, a lot more than you know right now. You are in partnership with them, so be a partner okay? You wouldn’t ignore your business partner, so why ignore your spiritual life partner?


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