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love-u-valentines-day-19080957-1024-768Happy Valentines Day Angels!

I’m taking a short break at the moment just to BE so for the next couple days I will not be doing any writing unless I am prompted to do so.

I started reading the Celestine Prophecy again and I am about a third of the way through it and I am loving it! I read it when it was first published in 1993, and its making a whole lot more sense this time round. Everyone should read it to understand how energy works. I’m getting to the interesting part now of how we can ‘plug’ into a greater source of energy and power so that we do not feel the need to ‘feed’ ourselves off other people’s energy. What I am getting in BIG LETTERS though is that we needn’t feel POWERLESS because we all have this UNLIMITED energy resource. What this means is that we ALL need to all STEP INTO OUR POWER and start taking charge of our own lives instead of looking to others to do it for us. Very interesting to think that this book came into print in the 90’s already when many are only waking up now. What the book will also teach you is how to see fields of energy! Everything is energy and energy is constantly changing as its constantly being affected by your own thoughts and the thoughts of those around you. Even a drop of water is energy as Dr. Emoto discovered when he projected thoughts into ice crystals.

This is the link if anyone wants to read the book. The download is in PDF format and free.

Have a Blessed Day everyone! I love you ♥ ♥


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