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i love myselfThe Angels are very persuasive – I will say no more….. They are also excited that so many of you have decided to read The Celestine Prophecy again, or for the very first time. Can you feel their excitement? The book is enjoying a second wave, and evoking a new consciousness or a new way of thinking in the newly awakened souls upon the Planet.

Yesterday I sat outside and enjoyed the trees and the birds and I decided to do a test. I tried to project my energy towards a bird sitting on a telephone pole nearby. I found that when I allowed myself to feel appreciation for the birds beauty and felt unconditional love for the bird, my energy projected a lot easier. In fact I could feel my energy extending towards the bird and I felt amazing!

Love, as you may already know, holds the highest vibration of energy, and energy is what we all are made of. It has been proven in quantum physics that at the very core of our cells there lies an atom of pure energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies or levels. So called ‘bad’ energy vibrates at a very low frequency whereas love vibrates at a high frequency. Thoughts carry a vibration also, depending on the nature of the thought. A thought of appreciation and love holds a high vibration and a negative thought holds a low frequency vibration. Could it be then that if we changed our thoughts about ourselves, that we could change the frequency of vibration in the atoms? Of course we can!

Dis-ease can only exist within a body that is in dis-harmony within itself. And it all starts with us not loving ourselves unconditionally. This is one of the most difficult things for humans to do – loving themselves unconditionally.  The angels have been telling me over and over again that Love Heals All things and Love can change anything and everything. So I would like you to conduct a little experiment. Nothing fancy. I would like you to repeat these words to yourself every hour: I love myself unconditionally”. Let’s make it a habit to repeat these words and mean them. Feel love for yourself. Feel appreciation and gratitude for everything that you are. You are amazing! It doesn’t matter how you look. Just do it anyway, because if we can achieve this, a personal and global transformation will take place.

Remember that the energy of Love holds consciousness. It’s not necessary to tell love what to do, where to go, or what to heal. It knows. Trust that. It’s your job to love yourself unconditionally. Love will do the rest.

I believe this transformation will be felt in as little time as one week! Please do try this exercise, especially if you are suffering from illness or have any dis-ease or dis-comfort in your body. Please also, leave your comments below! I would love for you to share with us how love has transformed your life. Thank you!


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