new age crystal childrenOn Friday I volunteered to help out at a school nearby and so I spent 3 hours with a bunch of grade 4’s whilst their regular teacher was away on a course. I was there to teach them ‘Conversational English’. Out of a class of about 25 children, all but 2 were fluent in English. They get to speak it rarely, if ever, at home because chances are their parents speak only Spanish, yet their grasp of the language, and subject matter is incredible at so young an age.

I had a difficult time engaging their attention. The truth is the children were bored. These children are super intelligent and I now  know why Archangel Michael wanted me to do this class. It is clear that education in the New Age is going to have to change.  I asked them to tell me what they wanted to be when they grew up and most of them had more than one career in mind. Almost all of them wanted to have a career in 3 or 4 different areas. I was amazed. I wanted to tell them they are multi-dimensional beings and that they will be able to do all of that, and more! At one point I wondered how it is possible that a class room filled with 25 children, all looking for stimulation of their eager minds, could have their needs fulfilled by one teacher. It is impossible, unless of course, the subject is of a more interesting and stimulating matter.

Since children are now choosing to come into physical form fully conscious beings, a subject such as metaphysical studies will engage their eager minds and unlock their consciousness. Even though they are being born with full consciousness is it still necessary to bring this consciousness into their awareness. This is done by stimulating their minds by engaging them in thought processes that will bring this consciousness into their current awareness.

This is happening now with all beings who are at the forefront of their evolution. Our consciousness is rising along with our increased vibrational frequency, but unless our mind is stimulated, the information stored in our consciousness is not readily accessible. Asking questions will engage the mind and start the thought processes whereby the information can be brought into conscious awareness. Asking questions of who you may ask. Our Higher Self of course. It is their consciousness you are integrating now, and they can help you unlock this information.

The days are coming when we will have to reconsider education and what, if anything, it is that children really need from the current educational system. It is also necessary that we start to realize that children these days are highly evolved beings who have taken physical form on the planet to help raise mass consciousness.

These New Age Crystal children are light bearers in the most powerful way. They are not going to be satisfied with our current social and educational systems. I believe they will be the pioneers or forerunners of the New Age and they will help humanity install new systems and ways of being that conform to a new paradigm. They will be sharing their databanks of knowledge with us, teaching us the Sacred Geometry of the Universe. It is these children that will unlock the codes held by the thousands of crop circles we’ve seen upon the Earth.  And it will be them that will be the way showers for the billions of people who have yet to awaken upon the Planet.

It is our hope this message will help you to look at children in a whole new and different light.


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