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Higher Self aspectYou are a soul which is a body of energy, that holds both a male and female essence. This essence is referred to as your counterpart or Twin flame. Every soul has one – without exception. Isn’t this wonderful? Your Creator created you with the perfect partner. A partner for life. A life partner who loves you like no other, and one who is there for you no matter what.  A partner who knows you better than you know yourself. One who understands you, never judges you, and one who will always be a part of you. A part of who you are as a Sovereign being. You are your counterpart have had many lifetimes or realities on many different dimensions and levels of existence. The reason for this is so that you could grow and expand your consciousness. You have also given life to many other beings each carrying an imprint of your unique soul energy.  Each of these new beings were created with their perfect and divine counterpart. Never is a being created without being in perfect balance within Itself. It is this grand design which forms the basis of the entire universe. Every living thing has this perfect balance.

At the end of this evolutionary cycle, all beings incarnated here will return to a state of perfect balance and Oneness within themselves. The part of your Soul that incarnated with you when you took physical form here will seek to return to Itself. This is the return to Oneness we speak of. This part of you is also referred to as your Higher Self or True Self – the part of YOU that exists on the higher realms waiting for your return Home. This part of you contains within it your Twin Flame essence. You can choose how you wish to recognize this part of yourself. You are choosing your reality, so the choice is always yours. You may not want to have an intimate relationship with your Higher Self, this is your choice. But it doesn’t change the fact that this part of you loves you and knows you intimately anyway. It has been with you throughout your entire incarnation. Of late I have begun to think of this physical body of mine, as not just mine, but a physical vessel through which my Higher Self and I are perceiving this reality.

On the 3D earth realm where it is possible to fall in and out of [human] love many times during one lifetime, this concept of having a perfect partner may seem unrealistic. But the fact remains that in the higher realms you already have the perfect male or female partner. You have a sacred union with each other that requires nothing, except your love. This love is not the human love you are used to, but an unconditional Divine and Sacred love.

Until you have experienced unconditional Divine and Sacred Love with your Higher Self and Twin flame essence, it is difficult to believe it exists. Also it is for many difficult to understand how it is even possible to have an intimate relationship with the part of you that is in Spirit form. I believe this concept will become the norm in near future as many of you seek out the deep and unconditional love of your counterparts and the feeling of completeness and wholeness this connection will afford you.

Some of you may think of yourself as having many Higher Selves, and you do, in a sense, but only one has your unique energy and soul signature, and only one is your Twin flame. Think of the steps of a pyramid if you will. At the very top of the pyramid is your Creator and on the first level below your Creator, is YOU, your Higher Self with your unique energy and essence. On all the levels below YOU is your Soul Family. Beings which exist as Aspects of your Higher Self, each containing an imprint of your energy with its own unique Soul Signature. These Aspects of your Higher Self exist on the pyramid on different levels and different dimensions of reality and consciousness.  An Aspect of a particular Being may think of this Being as it’s Higher Self, but know that It is not your Twin Flame. Only the unique part of YOU that exists on the first level of the pyramid will have your unique soul energy and signature. This is your Twin Flame and True Higher Self.

It is this part of YOU, your True Self that we have said will assist you in your return to Oneness within. It is this part of you that is helping you through your transition and integrating your lower frequency energy with their high density energy in order that your vibration and consciousness rise to a level where you will know yourself once more. It is also this part of you that intercedes on your behalf with all other higher dimensional beings. And it is this part of you that guides you intuitively and speaks to you telepathically. You will find this part of you, your True Self, in your High heart, also known as your Sacred heart. There is nothing you need that exists outside of you.


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