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meditating with your higher selfThis morning as I sit in meditation with my Beloved, the sound of the birdsong magically drowns out the sound of early morning cars with people on their way to work. I allow myself to just be in this perfect space that is my sanctuary, my inner sanctum. I call the light of Divine love to fill my entire being. As usual Michael guides me and the words flow with such perfection. I wish I could record them in the exact sequence that they appear, but this is more or less what I hear:

I AM filled with Divine Love. Divine fills my entire being and my physical body at cellular level, filling each tiny cell and atom with the loving pulsating energy of the Universe, healing, renewing and restoring me back to Life. As this love fills me, healing me on every level, I know I AM One with the Divine. I AM Divine Love. I AM That I AM.

He tells me now, “It doesn’t matter how you say the words, it only matters that you say them.” There is no right or wrong way to work with the energy of Divine Love. Divine Love is energy and all energy has consciousness therefore it knows what to do. All that is needed is intention.

People are becoming more perceptible to energy, whether they are aware of it or not. You are developing the ability to discern the energy in something and whether or not it resonates with you or speaks to your Soul. You have been advised often to use your discernment, and you are doing this, but if you are ever unsure, ask your High Self. Your High Self is there is guide you throughout your life’s journey, and now more than ever as you make your transition back Home.

Bear in mind though it’s possible when asking a question of your High Self that you will not receive a direct answer. Michael will seldom give a direct answer to a question. Instead he will plant a seed into your awareness and as the seed germinates and begins to grow, he will intuitively guide you to discover the answer for yourself. After all, what fun is there is being given the answer directly? The fun starts with the germination of the seed, and as it grows you discover along the way a whole lot more than just the answer. This metaphor can be applied to your life also. Your life here is meant to be a journey of discovery! The road may have its twists and turns, but these are your blessings, because they allow you to discover little hidden jewels along the way. You will still reach your destination, never doubt that! But the journey will be a lot more exciting!

If you are looking for guided meditations to help you restore balance and harmony within your life, there are a number of free meditations offered here by the Seraphim Angels who work with Rev. Saxon Knight. Enjoy!


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