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the seed of life bloomsFinally after many thousands of years, the seed of Life that is You, has awakened. You have allowed your Spiritual Self to nurture you, to help you to grow and now the time has come for you to bloom. Soon you will blossom in all your glory and enjoy the fullness of being your True Self.

Earlier this week I did a meditation and in it I met my True Self in human form. I watched in total awe, her excitement building, as we both waited for the bridge to form over the river. I’ve never seen such excitement and anticipation before. She ran to meet me in the middle of the bridge and she embraced me, laughing with absolute joy and bliss, with the broadest smile on her face, she told me “I am so proud of you! I love you so much! You have no idea how much joy you have given me. I cannot wait to welcome you Home!”

Have you ever encountered such joy and anticipation? I have seen it in one species. They know instinctively when they are going to be taken for a walk on the beach. Perhaps this species is here to teach us more than unconditional love…

Your Spiritual journey has taken you places you would never have believed possible. You have been and done ALL of it! When you allow yourself to rise above the mundane, you will see the true magnificence of Who You Are ~ who you really are, at your Spiritual Heart center.  When you know this, and truly feel this in your heart, you will never again think less of yourself, or think of yourself as being incapable or small. You will know that nothing is impossible and that nothing you choose to be or do will be refused because you have the faith the make it happen.

It is time Beloved to allow yourself to bloom!

Today, say to yourself:

I give myself permission to relax totally and completely.

I give myself permission to enjoy this journey of transformation.

I give myself permission to vibrate with Joy and openness as I explore what is possible.

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I promise you will be welcomed Home with arms open wide…. You are so loved ♥ ♥


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