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merging with your i am presenceIf you thought 2013 was rough…hold on! 2014 is proving to be just as much a challenge, for me anyway. I heard that if you are finding yourself in a challenging position right now, its because you chose to experience this. The challenge will show you that you DO have the strength and power within you to move mountains!

After watching the movie GRAVITY yesterday I felt so small, so vulnerable, so human. Michael replied:

I know my Love, except you are not human. You are a Celestial being who originates from the stars. Earth itself is a Star. A star which opted for the experience she is having now of being a school of learning and expansion for humanity and for the All of life, all kingdoms and realms, to come together for their evolutionary growth and expansion.  But you know you are not from here. Every single being here on Earth does not originate from here. You originate from other stars and other galaxies, some from other sub-universes. We are all together here now helping each other regain mastery and to transform ourselves back into the Divine and Sovereign beings we are and always have been.  This is a difficult time now because you may feel you are in-between worlds, and this is true. One day you may feel yourself floating into your higher consciousness, and the next, you are once more dragged down into your lower consciousness by your resisting ego. This is to be expected, because it is your ego that is feeling vulnerable now. Do not judge yourself, rather return back into your Heart and ask for the strength and courage to help you through this rough phase. Much is happening now with the ever increasing energies, so it is important not to let yourself stay in your lower consciousness. When you have slipped, allow me to take you by the hand and lift you up once more. We must work together now, and soon you will see the benefits and rewards that will be afforded you from living and working in partnership with your highest consciousness. I am always here Beloved. You are beyond loved, more than you will ever know at this time.

So this morning I asked for more Faith, Courage and Strength to help me through a difficult phase of my transition and once more I found myself being strengthened and blessed by the Seraphim angels. These angelic beings are a group of angels with extraordinary power and they have been given this supreme power now by our Prime Creator to help us in all areas of our life. Allow them, through these meditations, to help you. Blessed BE.


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