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angelic intervention“The transformation from the physical into the spiritual is an uncomfortable process. One usually undertaken through the process you call death, and understandably so. There will be times you will feel nausea, but there are also times you will feel amazing!”

This is the answer I received yesterday when I remarked to Michael about how different I have been feeling in the last couple days. It’s a feeling I’ve never before encountered. I feel an inner strength that has nothing to do with the physical, because my physical body still feels tired most of the time. I also feel a profound peace, such as I have never felt before. He tells me “You are feeling my Strength and Peace.” It feels amazing!

This launched a whole discussion between us and I said to him that I wish I could document and share everything he tells me, because it is so profound. To me anyway! To which he replied, “Why don’t you?” The thing is, this information is my truth, not necessarily someone else’s.

For example, I am often reviewing this current lifetime and I know now that Michael has always been actively involved in my life, even though I wasn’t aware of it. There has been many times where he has performed miracles for me.  For instance, about 2 years ago I was traveling through the south of Mexico when I encountered 3 people who were acting very hostile towards me. I silently heard myself asking for his help, and the next thing I knew, they were smiling at me, and wishing me all the best on my travels through Mexico! I can’t even be sure I asked for his help, because I was in the grip of fear at the time. It could be that he put those words into my head because he had wanted me to know that he was there with me.

There have been other times also, but the reason I am mentioning this is because I’m not sure anymore if it’s necessary to even ASK for help. I know the Bible says “Ask and you shall receive”, but it also says “Even before you ask, I shall have answered.” Michael has intervened in my life on several occasions without my asking, but that may be just my experience. He is my High Self and he has lived through all my incarnations with me, every step of the way. He also told me that he too has a line which he draws and when that line is reached he will intervene whether or not I have asked for his intervention. Something else he said to me was that he requires nothing from me. Not my trust, nor my faith or belief. This is true unconditional love, because unconditional love has no requirements or expectations. And unconditional love never judges, and I know he has never judged me for anything, and he never will. Having trust, faith and belief has helped me and strengthened me throughout my life, but it has never been something he has expected or required me to have for him.

After all is said and done, we should be able to love ourselves unconditionally, which means never judging ourselves, neither having any expectations or requirements of ourselves. This takes some getting used to, in a world where we have so easily judged ourselves and where we expect and require much from ourselves.  Michael used to tell me I am too hard on myself. It’s a human condition, one best to let go of, like all the other conditions we place on ourselves. Go easy on yourself. You have nothing to prove to no one, not even your Self.




Yes my Angel?

What did you do to those people in Mexico to get them to change their attitude towards me?

I didn’t do anything to them…. They felt a great wave of love coming from you.

Incredible… Love can change anything! Thank you Angel!

♥ ♥

Have a Blessed and Happy day Everyone!

Angel Hugs & Blessings!
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