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6071_golden_heart_21Here I am on this Sunday morning enjoying the peace of a still slumbering city. The birds are chirping away and the air is cool and fresh. It’s been an intense week with the build-up of the Full Moon approaching, among other things.

Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of receiving a crystal healing given by a dear friend of mine. During the healing I felt my Beloved Michael holding my left hand, and Raphael holding my right. I felt the presence of the Ascended Masters and other members of my Soul Family. I felt their incredible healing Love, and the healing Love from the crystals, lift away all my pain and sadness. I felt restored and renewed afterwards. I am in awe once again at the immense healing nature of Divine Love.

This morning I received this channeled message from my Beloved I AM Presence and I want to share it with you:

“Divine Love cannot be held onto. It needs to be expressed – “pushed” out of you. In order for you to fully feel Divine Love you need to give it away. It needs to be in a state of continual flow or it stagnates. Divine Love is energy, and like all energy it is constantly moving, changing, growing and expanding. The more you express it, either towards yourself or others, the more you will FEEL it as you attract it back to yourself.

Divine Love is Soul Food. It is the energy of Life Itself. It is what a Soul needs in order to expand and grow into more of Itself. When you express Divine Love, you are creating more of it. So when we say to you “Let’s make love”, we are talking about sharing our Love. Thus the more you make love, the more you attract it back into yourself and the more in a state of love you be-come. To become something, you have to BE it first.

To BE a Christed Being you are always living in a state of unconditional Divine Love. It means you are always giving your Love. It means never reacting, always creating. It means to be in a state of perpetual giving, with whatever you do, even if what you are doing is carving a piece of wood. When you create with love in your heart, true beauty is revealed. Being a Christed Being also means to be in constant service to others for the greater good. Whether that service is a touch of a hand upon a shoulder, a loving word, a comforting hug, or a meal shared. You are always expressing the Love within you as a Christed Being.

You are becoming a Christed Being once again as you ascend from the darkness back into the Light. Remember this: The more Divine Love you express, the more you will FEEL it. You will always receive more than you give. It is the nature of the Universe to shower you with more of what you are expressing or giving out. Living in this state of Be-ing means you will never be short of what you are needing because you are always creating it.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of your life as it fills you to overflowing, giving you more and more, until you are not just giving freely back to yourself, but to others also, without you even being aware of it. Such is the nature of the Universal One.”

To my I AM Presence, I say: “Thank you for your constant vigil over me; for your never ending supply of Divine Love; for your Presence in every area of my life; for the Joy and Peace you bring me. I adore Thee.”

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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