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ThePathwayOfDivineLoveThis is a transcription of the meditation channeled from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn on the December Solstice 21.12.2013 to anchor the Gold frequency of Light. Take time to work with the Gold Light daily as this powerful healing light is pure Christ Consciousness and it can create change within your life and on the planet. Namasté ♥

[The full recording can be downloaded in mp3 format here, or you can listen to it on YouTube.] 

Beloved Family of Light, this is Archangel Michael who is here present with you. We have great joy and great celebration with the Angelic Hosts here present to assist you as you work with this beautiful Golden Light that descends from the higher dimensions to anchor into your earth, and we wish to support you as you engage in this important work as a Family of Light. So we ask that you open your hearts now. Feel the heart opening, feel the energies opening there as you receive the Golden Light into your heart and into your Light body. We ask you to feel how that Golden Light is descending into your crown chakra, into your heart chakra, and then into your Light body, just receive that energy into your Light body. As you receive that Light and that energy feel how every cell in your body is becoming radiant and pulsating with Golden Light. Feel how your Light body is expanding this beautiful radiant Christ Light as you become a crystal being and feel how you’re expanding that Light outwards so that the whole group here present, and connecting with the Russian speaking group earlier, is holding this Golden Light around the planet on this solstice day creating a wave of Golden Light surrounding the earth in the radiance of the new frequency, the Gold frequency, and feel how you are drawing strength and power from that Golden frequency. You are empowering yourself, you are strengthening yourself. [Pause]

And now beloved ones, we ask that as you work with the circle of Light, you create a healing circle, a circle of Golden healing radiance around the planet. And at this moment think of people that you might know or countries or places or any beings that need your assistance and your help, because this Golden Light is a powerful healing Light. It creates miracles of healing and transformation. We ask that you bring that Golden Light to them, and bathe them in that Golden Light. So just take a moment now to focus that Light out into the earth and know that as you do this as a group of human angels, the angelic realm is here to help you to magnify that energy and magnify the work that you do in this moment of peace and calm. [Pause]

And now beloved ones feel how this energy is raising the frequency on the planet as this Golden Light is touching every heart, every soul urging them to awaken and align with the frequency of the Golden Light. And now beloved ones we ask that as you take this Light into your hearts, you also bring it down through your body and into the earth. Act as a grounding point, and anchoring point for the frequency of Golden Light. Feel it going into the earth, through your feet, through your earth star chakra and connecting with the heart of the earth as you transmit the Golden Light through your body, through your Light body, and anchor it wherever you are on the earth, creating an anchor point for the Golden Light. Now as you feel yourself anchoring on earth, receiving the Golden Light from heaven, feel also how the Diamond Light is coming through your crown chakra, from the Galactic center into your hearts, into the earth and around the earth. It is a powerful creative energy helping you to manifest and create what you desire. For beloved ones in this year of 2014 you will learn how to create what you need and desire. You no longer attract what you need and desire, but you create what you need and desire from the Light within you as you become true co-creators in the new earth. So we ask you now to take a moment to think about 2014 and what you want to create and what you want to manifest in 2014 for yourself, for your community and for the planet. [Pause]

And beloved ones we ask you to see how in this new year of 2014 there will be a new energy in your communities, there will be new communities that are being created. People will find each other and come together in order to create and find solutions to the problems that you face. Beloved ones know that the Golden Light will make it easier to come together as one to find solutions, to find new ways of doing things as you are aligning with the higher frequencies.  And know too that you will align with abundance in this coming year as the Golden Light brings the energy of joy and abundance and harmony. So we ask you too to visualize now these new frequencies coming into your life and creating peace and tranquility and harmony. [Pause]

And so beloved family once again we ask that you join together around the earth wherever you are, holding hands of Light around the planet, sending a wave of Golden Light to the earth, to every living being on the earth, to every country, to the oceans, rivers, the mountains, the entire planet surrounded by Golden Light and held in love. And as you transmit that love and that Light feel how also how you are receiving it into yourself. For you are not only giving of the Golden Light, you are receiving it into your hearts. Remember always to both give and receive to stay in balance. And as you receive the gift of the Golden Light, feel how this beautiful energy is moving through you and through your heart and know that you have reached the end of this journey of many thousands of years as you step into the Gold frequency in your physical human body as a human angel or a galactic human.

And so beloved ones we thank you very deeply and warmly for having worked with us here with the angels, and with the beings of Light, and the masters who have watched over this ceremony. We ask you simply now to return your consciousness back into your heart center and just rest there for a moment feeling the beating of your heart in harmony with the pulsations of the galactic heart and the cosmic heart and the heart of the earth in harmony and unity in the frequency of Gold. Breathe deeply and let those energies move through you. [Pause]

At this moment each one of you is holding the Golden Light, each one of you is a Golden grail of Light. [Pause]

And so once again breathe deeply and now we will hand you back to the channel as we stand back a little and allow you to return back into material consciousness. Breathe deeply again and just allow your consciousness to be back in your body. At the same time you are still holding the Golden Light radiating through your body, through your being, anchored finally on the earth and anchored in your Light body as you begin now to adapt your body and your Light body to this new frequency of the higher consciousness of Gold.

Thank you to Archangel Michael and to Celia Fenn from Starchild Global.