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Image ~ Golden Light madameluciferi.deviantart.com

Image ~ Golden Light by madameluciferi.deviantart.com

I have shared, since the last Ascension Note, on my Facebook Community Page that this has been a time of preparation for the Equinox. It has been a time when some very deep beliefs and patterns have been up for release. This continues actually up to, at least, the Summer Solstice! It has been a very challenging time for many who have been faced with their deepest core beliefs, expectations and attachments that simply cannot remain. At the same time, we are to also get in touch with our dreams of New Life, new expressions of Purpose more aligned with Soul, new consciousness and how we want to live our lives. Many illusions have been bubbling forth; illusions that hold us back in the old. These have come up in daily living, meditation and dreams. Many want to be of more service and at the same time are worn down by their physical toxin release in the form of skin eruptions, sleeplessness, exhaustion and a plethora of other experiences…all to get one’s attention as to what is to stay and what is to go. One way to know the difference is how you feel. If it is uncomfortable, it is something that needs to shift. If it feels flowing, loving and wonderful, it is something to do or be more of. There may be a need for some difficult conversations and electronics/communications may be acting up as well.

And it is a time of miracles…when you can surrender to what is, when you let go of controlling/managing certain aspects of life. When you step aside, you allow the magic of this time to create amazing gifts of change. Trust. You may be asked to step out of your comfort zone. Trust. Leap into the unknown, knowing you are safe. Masks will be removed, as only Truth matters now. No more pleasing others in order to keep the peace. Honesty with self and others is the passage through. As we approach the Equinox Gateway into more New, grounding and balance are essential. Focus on your intentions in the form of your desired essence and realize that you are walking a thin line between the old and the New (with more emphasis on the New). Keep your vibration high by not taking part in drama or the 3D chaos that seems to be more present now than ever before. Ask what serves you and do more of that. Ask what is counter to your Newness and do less of that. We choose moment-to-moment. In each moment ask, “What do I feel?” “Where are my thoughts?” “How do I become more of what I truly want?”

Let others choose their own experience. They have choice too. Many will be seduced by the drama and chaos and that is their choice. Remember, there is no saving in the New and if you attempt to do so, it will surely backfire and it robs others of their own Power to choose. As I’ve said so often, keeping your own vibration high is the best way to help others. Surrender and let it Be and trust in Divine Order. This is a time to walk your talk and in this way, you are in Divine Service. Follow your guidance for everything you do, based on feeling and flow. Share only Love and only what uplifts. Let go of any gossip and nay-saying.

What does the Equinox have for us? The Equinox Gateway is Thursday, March 20th at 10:57 a.m. (MDT). We have been building up for this and after the Equinox, we will build in energy to the Solstice. The Equinox offers the opportunity to take a huge leap forward. So I encourage you to create Ceremony in any way you’re guided in order to align with the powerful forward energies of this Gateway. The Gateway brings forth a burst of New Light and potential initiations to be more. It may look very different than what you’re expecting or what you’re used to. It expands our Christ Consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness…if we are ready and willing. It is an acceleration of our Divinity and also activates dormant codes of Soul: Power, Balance and Love.

If you choose to do Ceremony, see yourself receiving this New Light and then extend it out to all of life. Just set the intention and keep it simple. This is another expansion into the New and mostly it activates and empowers our Divinity in Power, Love and Unity. Receive; be in Acceptance, Reception and Being. Allow the Light to infuse your cells, DNA, your electrical system, your chakras, your aura and your mental, emotional and physical bodies with this upgrade of consciousness and allow it to fill you and then as you shine with this Divine Love, it naturally goes out to all of life.

Continue your Purification, until the Equinox, as preparation. Let go of all discord in your life. This is not a time of ego-battle, but a time to receive all that is intended for you from high Universal Realms. And do not look for proof or outcomes. Trust that you will receive all that you are ready to receive.

If you are guided to be with others, then do so, yet this is not necessary as we are One. Being in Nature, of course, allows you to receive even more powerfully, for Nature is always in tune with the higher energies and has no expectations; for Nature’s nature is only to be of Divine Service in Being.

We are about to receive a huge download of Light and Love, which will help us even more to be ascended masters. Are you willing? Are you ready?

~ Kara