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250684-equinoxHappy Equinox to Everyone!

These powerful energies are taking you into a new phase of your ascension. We are taking within us so much high vibrational light energy presently that changes are noticeable almost daily within our consciousness. Our physical bodies are changing also and are requiring less and less food for energy.

My personal experience is that my physical vessel needs very little food now, because I am being energetically provided with all my body needs by my Higher Consciousness. Water is all I basically still need, but my physical body doesn’t know this. It still wants food and I have been having cravings for the most outrageous food, that I would never consider eating in the first place. I also get hunger pangs from my physical body, reminding me its time to eat now, but I feel ‘full’ at the same time. It’s a very confusing feeling! If I do eat something to appease my body, it will be a piece of fruit or half an avocado, something light, and afterwards I feel as if I have eaten a cow! And I almost always uncomfortable afterwards, feeling bloated. So I am asking my Higher Consciousness to ensure my physical body has exactly what it needs nutritionally and energetically in order to sustain optimum health. I have also realized that the hunger pangs and weird cravings are motivated by my ego. This too can be lessened by the intervention of your Higher Consciousness.

Drink lots of water and listen to your inner guidance and eat whenever you are guided to eat. Connect with nature if you can today, and ground yourself. This is important to do at least once daily because we are holding more and more Light now and therefore by grounding ourselves we are anchoring that Light into Gaia. Transmit the Light through your intention to heal the water, the animals, the dolphins and whales, to places on Earth that are in strife, to people that are suffering etc. You have immense power now because you have integrated so much of your I AM Presence. Remember who you are, and use your power. This is why you are here now, grounded on Gaia, as a human Angel and Ascended Master Being.

Blessed Be!


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