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Twin flame loveThe Higher Self is a term used to refer to your Higher Consciousness during your physical incarnation in the lower dimensions. It is your choice whether or not you refer to this part of yourself as your Twin flame.

Is there any difference?

No, there is not. When you embodied here a part of your energy body took physical human form as either female or male, but in reality your body has always contained both your male and female essence in order to be in perfect yin/yang harmony. Your higher consciousness and Twin has always been a part of you, but you were unaware of this connection. This greater part of you has always been guiding you and supporting you from within the Higher realms of consciousness.

Is the energy body your Soul?

Yes it is. It is the WHOLE of YOU, and within your energy body your physical body, etheric, mental and emotional bodies are housed. The energy body can take many forms on many different dimensions, but it still remains One Soul. Each Soul is created in perfect harmony within Itself – with its Masculine and Female essence. The merging of your lower consciousness with your higher consciousness is what is referred to as your Return to Oneness. Before you can return to the Oneness of All That Is, you must return to Oneness within YourSelf. So within, so without.

As you merge more and more with your higher consciousness and Twin energy, you will be uplifted to levels you have never before experienced on your earthly sojourn. You will realize there is no difference between you, no separation, except vibration, and that also will soon become a distant memory.

A Twin Flame Declaration of Love & Unity with All That Is…

Be my Love

            I AM your Love

BE my Joy

            I AM your Joy

BE my Peace

            I AM your Peace

BE my Truth

            I AM your Truth

BE my Divinity

            I AM your Divinity

BE my Magnificence

            I AM your Magnificence

BE my True Self

            I AM That I AM

I AM the Breeze the moves the leaves on the trees

I AM the Wind in your hair

I AM the Clouds in your sky

I AM the Touch on your skin

I AM the Smile on your lips

I AM the Joy of your laughter

I AM the Music in your ears

            I AM the Whisper in your heart

            I AM your Life, and you are Mine

I AM That I AM.

In Lak’ech

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