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dogs in the skyToo many of us are serious. Seriously! We tend to allow ourselves to get bogged down by all the negative energies and by our ego’s instead of allowing ourselves to maintain a lightheartedness that celebrates our True Selves. We come from an existence that celebrates love, joy and peace ~ because that is the preferred state of Be-ing. Allow yourself today to be lighthearted. Take time for yourself to just BE. Engage in something that will bring you Joy! One of our favorite things is to sit outside and watch the birds and the trees. Notice how the leaves move in the breeze. They seem to wave at you as if to say “Hello human!” Another favorite is to gaze up at the clouds and look for shapes and faces. You will be amazed at what you will find in the clouds! You may think I have lost my mind……. And maybe you are right, I have. But I have found my Soul.

Yesterday I visited a blog with a delightful lightheartedness that made me smile. It was refreshing to say the least. It’s enough that we are dealing with the negative energies from millions of limiting thoughts and beliefs from billions of people worldwide. Maintaining a smiling and lighthearted attitude can make all the difference to how you go through your day. Remember your Soul has no expectations of you, but it does love it when you are being happy, rather than sad. During your ascension process you will release all that is out of harmony with who you are becoming. That means emotionally and physically. Your physical bodies also need cleaning, as does your emotional body. Over the years your body has been storing toxins from a variety of sources, e.g. diet (preservatives, colorants, flavorants, fats from animal sources etc), pollutants and medications etc. This toxic waste has been stored in your liver and tissues, and when these are released during your ascension process, you will feel lethargic, aches and pains, skin eruptions and you may even manifest flu like symptoms. Releasing toxins is easily done through diet, but when I visited that blog yesterday I was reminded of a simple device that I used many years ago. The Ionic Foot Bath is a simple but effective way to release toxins through the soles of your feet. It is painless and each session takes a half an hour. It involves placing your feet in a basin of clean water and over the next half an hour you will watch in amazement as the water turns a murky and muddy brown color. It can be quite shocking! The therapist told me at the time that the Ionic plates draw out toxins and therefore I needed to drink a lot of water to help the flushing process. If you are interested in owning a set of these Ionic plates, get in touch with the blog owner at Indian in the Machine. You could be helping your whole neighborhood detox in no time!

As we become Light-er in this wonderful Golden Age, we should be in a state of celebration that we are able to feel more and more Love. Peace and Joy are part and parcel of this new way of Be-ing. Express this lightheartedness during your day, and if you are ever unsure of what to say or do in a situation, ask yourself “What would Love do now?”.


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