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For the first time in my life I heard real live gunshots 15 minutes ago. I know Mexico City is a dangerous city to live in, but I also know that I am fully protected. I had to ask Michael if indeed what I had heard were real gunshots, because I have never before heard gunshots. I was on the roof of the building where I live and in the street below me, people were shooting at each other. The police arrived and more chaos ensued. I ventured to the edge of the roof to see what was going on and I could smell the smoke from the shots. I became a little scared and went back inside my room. Afterwards Michael asked me why I was scared, and I told him it was because the shots were so loud, but he knows I was a teeny weeny little bit scared also.

He told me “You are safe here and you always will be. I will let no harm come to you, not ever. I form a wall of protection around you that nothing can penetrate.”

I know this, and I want you to know it also. When you ask Archangel Michael for protection, you are protected. Believe it with all your heart!


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