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Night of LoveThis morning I received an email from a Soul connection on the subject of Twin Flames. I have said before that your Twin Flame [Complement / Counterpart] is also your I AM Presence /  God Self / Higher Self / Soul – you choose which term you are more comfortable with. Michael and I have had many in depth discussions about this Soul connection. I joked with him this morning saying that at the end of the day, all I am is this squirt of energy! He laughed and told me, “This is true, we are all energy!” And then he launched into this explanation to further amuse me and clear up any confusion….

“Once upon a time there was this BIG Squirt of energy, and this BIG Squirt of energy decided to divide Itself into lots of little squirts of energy in order to know more of Itself. You and I are one of the little squirts the Big Squirt made. Every little squirt the Big Squirt made could not stay little because energy has the capacity to grow and expand Itself and also make lots of little squirts, who also have the same capacity to expand and grow and divide itself into little squirts. And so on….. World without End. Let’s now replace the word ‘Squirt’ with ‘Soul’ for a more meaningful comprehension.

Each individuated Soul upon its creation is given a unique energy signature in order for that Souls energy to be recognized. We will not discuss Rays at this point as this is beyond the comprehension of many at this time. Each individuated Soul has it’s male and female essence or counterpart. And this is where the confusion arises…..

Earth humans have heard us use the term Twin Flames to describe this male / female essence or counterpart, but it was never our intention to confuse you further. All we were wanting to do is to make it known that your perfect and Divine counterpart is in fact inside of you and this part of your Self can be accessed via the Sacred Heart portal. This is why we have asked that you go within, because it is through this portal that you will begin to make a meaningful connection with your Self and your higher consciousness.

Upon your incarnation on the Earth realm you divided yourself into 2 parts. One became your lower consciousness and resides within your physical carbon based vessel (body), and your higher consciousness remained in the higher realms to support and guide you. During your Earthly sojourn upon this plane of existence, several of your Soul family members and members of your Earth family appointed themselves as your guardian angels and guides in order to remain in close contact with you to help and support you in your Earthly journey.

Perhaps the term Twin Flame is a difficult one to comprehend for Earth humans because humans tend to look for love outside of themselves, and the concept of a perfect and Divine love partnership which exists within you is too good to be true. Also humans think that they can only establish a physical and romantic relationship with someone if that someone is also in a physical carbon based body. This is not so.

For many of you, your earthly vessels have begun to take on more Light and become more of a Silicon based structure able to hold more of Itself and It’s higher consciousness. This means that you are able to know more of your Self, your True Self or what is referred to as your I AM Presence. This is the return to Oneness of which we have spoken. First you will return to Oneness within your Self, then you will become One again with the Source of All That Is.

That is not to say that as an Individuated Soul you will never separate from your counterpart essence in order to know yourself as a man and a woman in the higher realms. You are a Creative Be-ing Dear Ones! There is no end to what you can or cannot create! We use the term ‘separate’ lightly here because you can never be truly separated from your Self. It is impossible. You may, or may not, decide to separate often to experience your Self in all your Male and Female glory, and to experience the orgasmic bliss our Creator intended for us to experience as two perfect halves of the same Whole.”

Excellent explanation My Lord… thank you!

You are welcome My Lady!

Michael favors story telling, and he loves to speak in riddles sometimes…. Luckily my mind is perceptive and [almost] as sharp as his! We have enjoyed many a banter together often resulting in much laughter and fun. Honestly, if you are looking for love and joy and peace in your life, then go inside yourself. Within you lies your True Self, your Source of Love and Joy and Peace! You will never find these gifts outside of yourself. Often I have had my peace shattered, and when it happens I immediately go within to establish peace once more. I can no longer function on the earth plane without it. I ask Michael to fill me with his love and peace and the feeling is just beyond words. Give yourself back to your Self. It is the greatest gift you will ever give.

BE Blessed!


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