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squirrelIt is important to connect with the Earth, but sometimes it is not possible to make a physical connection if you live in a city. You can still connect energetically though. You are an energetic being, and everything is energy. Although connecting physically and standing with your bare feet on the Earth will benefit you greatly, an energetic connection will also ground your physical body and make this connection for you.

In my mind I walk through a pine forest of tall trees and I come across a bubbling stream of pure and crystal clear water. I am surrounded with the energy of the forest, a living and pulsing energy. I smell the scent of the pine needles on the breeze and I stop to listen to the sound of the birds. I decide to sit there beside the stream, my bare feet on the Earth and my back supported against an old tree. The tree lovingly supports me and I feel such peace here. The forest is cool and apart from the sounds of chirping birds and small animals moving around me, and the bubbling stream, there is complete silence. I breathe deeply filling my lungs with the heavenly scent of pine needles. I feel my energy connecting with the Earth and the Earth’s energy connecting with mine. We become One. She recognizes my energy and my Soul Signature and she lovingly gives me what I need to further support me on my Earth’s journey. I feel the pulse of the Earth’s energy within my Sacred Heart center, and I am filled with love and gratitude. A tingling sensation fills my feet and continues up my spine through my energy centers and connects with my Soul Star chakra above my head and to the great Cosmic Heart of the Universe. The Earth is Sacred, I AM Sacred, the Universe is Sacred. We are One.

I create a small temple for myself here and surround it with colorful flowers and green grass. I can return whenever I choose. It is my Sacred Space.

BE Blessed!


Un-copywrited. If you happen to like this message, and you would like to share it, you do so with my blessing. I ask only that you include a link back to my blog: http://archangelanddevas.wordpress.com