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Water crystals

Every time I call my mother in South Africa I am told how bad the economy is in South Africa, how expensive everything is becoming and how difficult it is to survive from month to month. Sound familiar? Even though many times I have reminded her how powerful her thoughts are, she falls back into the habit of thinking thoughts that support lack and scarcity. She is not alone, there are billions of people on the planet who are thinking the same thing. If you think money is going to change your world and your Reality, you are mistaken.

Money cannot change the world, and make everything ‘right’. Money cannot provide abundance. It may provide a temporary solution, but it’s not going to change your world. The planet has already moved into her 5th dimensional timeline. In this reality, money does not exist.

In the New Reality we are encouraged to live consciously, to become conscious Beings. To be a conscious Being means to become conscious about your life, and everything that supports your life. This includes your thoughts. We have said many times your thoughts are what creates your reality. Your imagination supports your thoughts.

As a conscious Being, you are encouraged to think with your Higher Mind and to use your creative intent to change your reality.

You have heard the saying: “If it is to be, it is up to me.” As a Starseed and Galactic Human, it is your responsibility to help manifest change upon the Planet for the greater good of the Collective, and you can only do that if you move out of your lower ego based mind and into your Higher Mind. This means you have to start living consciously. By your example, you help manifest the New Reality upon the Earth.

How do you live consciously? You start to think consciously. That is, you stop thinking on auto. You monitor what you are thinking. You have so much power Starseeds! How do you know if you are a Starseed? If you’re reading this, you are!

The Earth needs you. The Elementals need you, they are conscious Beings too. Your imagination supports your reality and it is one of the most powerful tools you have. Use it to support the elemental Beings. Imagine the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, all the waters sparkling clear and clean. Imagine the air that you breathe to be clear and mountain fresh. Imagine the Earth as she once was, in all her glory, with abundance for all. Send a wave of Golden Light over the Earth each day, healing, renewing and revitalizing her.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Emoto, then Google him. These are some of his examples of the power of thought on the element of Water:

Look around you. This planet used to be the Garden of Eden many eons ago. And it will be again. How soon though, depends on you.


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