ANJOSOLAROn Saturday afternoon I switched my computer off and decided to take a break for one whole day. No internet, no computer, no phone, no time! Yesterday morning I received the Sunday musings message and I remained determined not to blog it. So here it is, a little late, but here nonetheless.

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God resides within you. This fits in with what we are being taught now, that the human body is in fact becoming a Temple of Light and Love. Your body is literally holding the Divine within.

If you came across a very beautiful and Sacred Temple, or an exquisite work of art created by Michaelangelo, would you desecrate it? You wouldn’t take a spray can and proceed to desecrate it. That would be unconscionable. Why then do we continue to treat our bodies as less than a Temple of the Divine?

I had a strange dream last night where I was walking through a very large room in a hospital and there were row upon row of sick people and they were tending their bleeding wounds. Then later as I lay semi-awake I recalled a disturbing image I had seen on Facebook a couple days before. In the image there were rows of tables with the carcasses of slaughtered dogs that were meant for human consumption. Dogs are now a favored food in China. People were disgusted and obviously outraged at such behavior of their fellow humans, but I ask you to consider this: Is it any less outrageous to slaughter and eat the dead flesh of any animal? That was the behavior of the Neanderthals. Sometimes behavior patterns are repeated from one generation to the next simply because humans are creatures of habit.

A video now comes to mind of a young boy, a 3 year old living in a Spanish speaking country. He questions his mother on what she has dished up for him to eat. She replies that it is octopus. He asks if it is still alive, and she says no. The child is distressed that the octopus had to die so that he could eat. He then launches into a whole explanation of why he cannot eat the octopus that ends with his mother in tears. She tells him, “Don’t worry my child, you do not have to eat it”, and then she thanks him.

Thank God for the children that are coming into the World now, for they have an elevated consciousness. Some of them already know that all Life is Sacred.

My message is this. Be mindful of how you are living. Become mindful of what you are doing. Does your behavior support your new and rising consciousness? Do you love, honor and respect the Temple that is You? This Temple is Life, not death.

The Galactic Human Template that supports the design of the human body now evolving does not know death. It supports vibrant and healthy cells. It is self healing, and life sustaining. It is life giving and it is the Temple of the Divine.

Let me also say this: If you’re still harboring thoughts about getting old and dying one day, then maybe you should examine your beliefs and patterns of behavior.

Your Body – Physical Human Form – is becoming the vessel through which your Divine and Higher Consciousness is expressing Itself on the Earth plane. Your Body is holding more Light and more consciousness now than ever before. In time, your Body will be able to hold and express the FULL CONSCIOUSNESS of your Higher and Divine God Self. It is becoming a Holy Grail filled with Light, and a Temple of the Divine.


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