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camber-sands-beach-fashion-blog-foot-print2I remember a friend of mine telling me 20 years ago to ground myself. I wondered why since I wasn’t going anywhere! I definitely didn’t feel myself lifting and floating off into the cosmos! The term ‘grounding’ has always confused me until recently. Why do we need to ground ourselves and what is the difference between grounding and anchoring? Perhaps I should just mention here that it depends on your intention when grounding or anchoring.

The word ‘grounding’ brings to mind walking with bare feet on the earth to establish a connection with the Earth as a conscious Being. Perhaps the best way I’ve heard this described recently is through Celia Fenn in her latest eBook, “The Diamond Codes”:

“This is important not just for your feeling of connection with the Earth, but also because of the very real health benefits of being physically grounded into the Earth. When you walk barefoot on the Earth, you allow your body and the soles of your feet to connect with Earth and the Earth energies. What happens here is that your feet have many power points or reflex points that link into your body systems. Those of you who know reflexology will understand what I am talking about here. When you place your bare foot on the Earth, you allow the Earth to “read” your body and to send healing energy into those places where it is needed. If you keep doing this, the Earth begins to recognize your “imprint” or “energy signature”, and knows just what energies to send you to support you on your Earth journey.”

Energetically, you are grounding your energy with the energy of Mother Earth, and that is a very good practice indeed, one that is recommended daily in your Spiritual journey.

For me, anchoring, on the other hand, is a practice that involves being a rod or tube through which high frequency energy can be transmitted into the Earth. Anchoring light, or energy, is necessary for your own Spiritual evolution and for the evolution of the Earth. You are not only anchoring the light, you are holding the light. You are becoming a Beacon of Light! Therefore every time you anchor light, you are anchoring a higher frequency of light because your own frequency is rising daily. So it may seem that every time there is a full moon, the energy becomes stronger. This is true, it is stronger because you are now feeling a higher frequency of her energy.

You may also feel that you need to ground and anchor this high frequency energy 3 or 4 times a day now, or you risk the chance of experiencing the side effects or so called ‘Ascension Symptoms’ described on my page here.

You will also, at this stage in your transition, realize that you do not anchor this high frequency energy alone. Your physical earth body is now the vessel through which You, as a higher dimensional Being, are anchoring light. When you anchor light in this way you are not only benefiting Gaia and the planet as a whole, you are also integrating this high frequency energy into your own light body, which is helping you in your transition.

You will realize also, if you haven’t already, that during a high frequency energy period such as we’re currently in the midst of, it is necessary to BE inside your Heart and to be connected with your higher consciousness often to help integrate this energy. I call this practice “Sitting with my Higher Self”. He knows this now and he will tell me often, “Come sit with me so I can help you.” This practice involves me sitting in meditation and going within my Sacred Heart center. I have been doing this for a very long time now since I quickly discovered that it is here in this Sacred Space that I will find my peace, and where I can feel the unconditional love of my Divine God Self. I am so sensitive now that I immediately know when I feel out of balance within myself and I very quickly establish this connection in order to feel balanced, calm and at peace. When I am connected to my higher consciousness within this vortex or portal, we become one as our energy merges, so it becomes easier for my higher consciousness to help me co-create my reality. It is in this space that he is able to help me let go and release my doubts and anything that is no longer serving me. It is also here that he supports me with whatever I am needing. Perhaps think of this ‘connecting’ as you would think of ‘plugging’ into a Power Source of Energy that can supply your every need.

I should also mention here that your Higher consciousness is always positive, and it will never tell you what to do. It will support you and guide you by showing you various options and possibilities that are available to you, but the choice is always yours to make.

I have also said recently that it is beneficial to you now to establish a full time working relationship and friendship with your higher and Divine Self. Allow yourself to form this friendship because it is going to help you a lot on your Earth journey. Remember this part of you loves you so much and it wants to desperately help you on your Earth journey. There is no need any more to struggle Dear One. It is time now for you to step into your True Self and to remember Who You Are.

You are so incredibly loved and supported!


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