twin flame love

Here she stood by his side
here she was to him
what he was to her
divine and beautiful
comforting and pure

two beloveds cast in a role
beyond human capacity
for completely understanding this

but together they would touch heaven
and together they were as one
united in divinity
united in divine love

she saw him as no one else could
he saw her as no one else would

and in their world most divine
they carried out their heavenly vow
amidst the cruelty of the blinding world
they rose above and walked in the light

for the light of love is all there is
and this he was given to show him and sustain him
for her love filled him as manna from heaven
and her hands held him and softened the blows
for he suffered the injustice of all humanity
and her light was needed to remind him of home

let us understand
that of all the injustice
what was done to her
when he left this world
was done unto him

for his true message
the one of divine love
the love of two
most holy and sacred
was taken and lost

and ever more
has the world been searching
for the love of the feminine
the love of his life

~Gail Swanson
From The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks
artist Enoki Toshiyuki