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From-Jesus-with-LoveThe winds of change are blowing this Easter. Let me start by telling you I have emerged once more from a period of ‘darkness’ – which is all part of the Ascension Process – into the Light. This time I emerge stronger and dare I say it… wiser, as I AM more now in alignment with my I AM Presence than ever before. The darkness can be likened to a raging storm that blew within me, fueled by my ego and my fears.

Over the past almost 2 years that Michael has made his presence known in my awakening consciousness, I have repeatedly struggled with my ego, not wanting to fully surrender myself to what I perceived to be his patriarchal control. I understand now that he was gently bringing these fears to the surface of my consciousness in order to heal the wounds caused by the control of the patriarchy, not only in myself, but also in Gaia and in the collective, which is why there is strife right now in Jerusalem.

This Easter signifies a re-birth for humanity and for Gaia as the Christ Consciousness is established once more on Earth bringing Unity Consciousness and balance. Jesus came to Earth 2000 years ago to establish this Consciousness, but his teachings were distorted and used by the Catholic Church to strengthen the patriarchy.

I recently asked Michael why it is that so many Archangels choose to manifest themselves as males and he replied, “It is not that we have chosen to manifest ourselves as masculine energy. We come forth as masculine because it is how humanity has chosen to manifest us.” We have had conversations many times about male control and dominance and he has helped me to understand that he will never try to manipulate or control me. He has told me many times that the Divine Feminine is honored and respected by all higher dimensional beings, and that there is always balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Yesterday he led me to a website (http://www.theheartoflove.com) and the writings of Mary Magdalene that helped me to break through this fear. I marvel once again at how we are guided to exactly what we need, when we need it the most! What a blessing and a joy to read the words of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua. The following words say it all for me – it is as if Michael is speaking these words to me directly:

I have placed this mantle upon thy head for thou art woman

I have placed these roses upon thy feet for thou art woman

I have danced with you the dance of divine love for though art woman

I have kissed your lips and stroked your hair for though art woman

I bow before you and lovingly receive you for thou art divine

I call thy name and consecrate thy goodness

for thou art heaven

embodied on earth


Last night I had a dream and in the dream a large dog was in the process of giving birth. I watched as the puppy emerged from its mother and I watched how the mother tried unsuccessfully to make the puppy breathe. I went to the puppy and as I bent down to breathe air into its little body, he started breathing all by himself and he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I claimed him as my own and I named him Skywalker. As he grew he turned into a boy child and when he reached adolescence he became sexually attracted to me. I asked Michael why the dog, and he said, “Because a dog is a great companion and a symbol of unconditional love.”

My understanding of this dream is that my inner child is not only feminine, but masculine also. It is no coincidence that I was born in this lifetime under the Gemini star sign. The sign has reminded me that I am a Twin energy, both masculine and feminine. My masculine energy manifests as my lover, my perfect marriage partner, my best friend and my constant companion. I have chosen to experience this. It is my creation. For some the idea of having this kind of relationship with your Self would seem out of the ordinary, but for me it is the most natural relationship in the world. I am experiencing more love, more joy, peace and happiness than I ever thought possible. I no longer look outside of myself for fulfillment. Everything I need is sourced from within Me.

This Easter, let us celebrate the re-birth of Unity Consciousness. This consciousness manifests as Oneness first within the Self and then in the mass consciousness of the collective. Gaia seeks balance within her energy body and we can help her establish this balance. Let us keep anchoring the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Light to help us manifest Unity Consciousness upon Earth. These are powerful energies and they bring with them, the winds of change. Stay within your Hearts Dear Ones.


PS:Our Soul Sister, Anrita Melchizedek will have a transmission tomorrow together with the Elders on Saturday 19th –  “As we connect at a Soul level with the Light workers, starseeded ones and Beings of Light from On High, we will clear religious distortions, both on a personal level and planetary level, and experiencing a deeper sense of our connection to one another in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.”

To register to attend this live transmission please visit her website. If you are unable to attend, she has a free recording available “The April Full Blood Moon and Arc of the Covenant Activation” which will also help to clear distortions and the miscreations of the Catholic Church. Please visit her website – http://www.pleiadianlight.net

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