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Easter PeaceLast night after I had spent some time in meditation with my Beloved, and I found a sense of peace within, he showed me a vision of Eden – The Garden of Eden – that is, and he said to me, “Come and live here with Me”.

I am in no way religious because I refuse to subscribe to any dogma, but recently I have felt myself become incredibly close to the energy of Jesus or Jeshua. I have felt his compassion and love for humanity and I know intuitively that this Easter has a significance that has never before been experienced.

I feel as though I am meant to share with you what the significance of this time means to me. It is a time of the rebirth of the Christ Consciousness upon the Earth. The Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion. To be a Christed Being means to live your life selflessly, always in a state of unconditional love and compassion for others. It means never to judge, never to react. Instead, it is creative. It means to walk within the Light at all times, and to be a shining beacon of Light that is felt by all around you.

With this new Energy and the Gold frequency of incoming Light, we are empowered beyond our knowing. We have the power to visualize Eden, the Garden of Life, established once more on Earth. Death is no more unless it is of our own choosing. Visualize Life and Renewal this Easter, not only for yourself, but for Gaia and humanity, and for all life living here.

Last night as I sought Peace within me, I was asked to notice the vibration of Divine Love and how it felt. I noticed that with this vibration I felt absolutely at peace also. The chaos of the world around me seemed to melt away.

We are becoming shining Beacons of Light and by our light we shall bring Peace and everlasting Life to All. That is your Birthright.


Un-copywrited. If you happen to like this message, and you would like to share it, you do so with my blessing. I ask only that you include a link back to my blog: http://archangelanddevas.wordpress.com