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blueroseDo not look outside of yourself for what you are so desperately seeking. All the love, understanding, compassion, joy, peace, happiness, wisdom, possibility and creativity exist within your very own being.

How many times haven’t we repeated this in the past, and people still do not understand this concept. They read words but they do not understand, they hear their truth, but they do not listen.

The reality is that only when they are ready, will any of this make any sense to them. So we will continue to reiterate these words in the hope that the next time you read them, they will begin to have some resonance – Everything you seek, lies within you.

What is sad is while they are seeking outside of themselves, they continue to be disappointed. They continue to remain unfulfilled as they continue to feel alone and unloved. They question everything as they seek resonance with someone else’s truth.

The truth is that no one can tell you what to believe. Your truth is something that you brought into this reality with you. It lies within your own consciousness. Not someone else’s. Only when you have looked within yourself and found your own truth will you find peace also, and everything else you need.

Once you have found your Truth, you will realize it doesn’t matter what everyone else believes. You will begin to realize that there is no right or wrong way, as long as it works for you. You will begin to realize that everyone is different, and to measure yourselves against someone else is defining yourself, and you cannot be defined. You are uniquely unique, and uniquely different. You are a body of energy that has its own signature.

The words of humanity cannot easily convey meaning and often when reading something it may be wise to meditate upon the words while within your Sacred Heart until it conveys a deeper sense of meaning. In this way, you will discover your own Truth as you delve deeper and deeper within the Heart of your Self.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” So true are these words, but know also that there is no rush. Your life’s journey is meant to be joy filled. So smile and be happy! Just do not look outside of yourself for your happiness. It is there….waiting for you, within your Heart of Hearts.


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