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Archangel Michael attunement to Divine LoveToday I received this testimonial from someone who asked to be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Trinity of Blessings just 8 days ago:

“I feel so very blessed and already shifts have started to happen in my life. For the first time in a very long time I feel at peace and yet joyful. I love myself again and this allows me to fully love others.”

It always makes my heart sing with Joy when I get testimonials like this, because by doing what I am doing, I am following my Heart and doing what I love to do and I AM blessed. There is no other way Beloveds. The other road is a difficult one, full of struggle and strife. Some argue and say, “Love isn’t going to feed my husband or pay the bills”, and I’m here to tell you this, “Yes, it is.”

In case you are not aware, the attunement introduces people to working with the energy of Divine Love. With this energy comes Peace and Joy. When you have Divine Love in your life, you will always have Peace and Joy – they are part and parcel of the same energetic frequency.

When you live in this vibration, you automatically live in the Flow of Creation as you return to the State of Divine Love and Oneness within your Self.

We are no longer having to ‘attract’ what we want and need in our lives because we are co-creating it! How are we doing that? By returning to a state of BE-ing Divine Love.

As we work with the energy of Divine Love, we integrate more love into our present form, which is transforming us into BE-ings of Divine Love once more. This is HOW we are returning to Oneness within ourselves. Light is Love. Let me say that again – LIGHT IS LOVE. As we incorporate more of this glorious incoming Divine Light that is streaming down upon us from the Great Cosmic Heart of Creation, we are returning to a state of Divine Love within ourselves.

Returning to Oneness is this very thing. It is a returning to a state of living in perpetual Divine Love, Peace and Joy. You are now in this process Dear One as you awaken to the nature of your True Self.

As you integrate more Divine Love into your present form, you integrate more and more of your Higher Self and Consciousness, and you become the Co-Creator of your Reality as you begin to co-create with your Higher Self and Consciousness. And when you do this, you are finally in control of your reality as you begin to experience what it is like living in the Flow of Creation.

The Universe knows what you need. It knows you intimately. Never doubt that for one second.

My Living Testimony

Just over a year ago when Michael first drew my attention to a website offering the Trinity of Blessings, I was living in a perpetual state of wanting and needing money. I believed money was scarce and that there was never enough money for my needs. At that time I did not even have the money to purchase the attunement and I had to wait 2 or 3 weeks until a few more dollars came my way. I was living on bean taco’s, because it is the cheapest food to buy in Mexico! I missed eating fruit, but it was way out of my budget. I fought with myself because I wasn’t attracting enough money. I could barely pay my rent, let alone afford to buy food. I insisted on knowing HOW to create the money I so desperately needed to survive.

Then he introduced me to the Trinity of Blessings. I started to work with the energy of Divine Love, and being the unique individual that I am, nothing major happened at first. I did not hear a choir of Angels, nor did I have visions of black cords being released from my chakras, unlike some others who received the attunement. But I carried on with it each day, doing the meditation and blessing everyone I could think of. Then magic happened.

I quickly realized that the more blessings I bestowed on others, the more I was being blessed in return. I felt for the first time at peace. I started to be grateful for what I had, which still wasn’t much, but I didn’t care. I would say daily “I am grateful for the abundance in my life”, and he would tease me and reply, “You are?” and I would reply, “Yes I am! I have riches that money can never buy! I have more love, joy and peace in my life than anyone I know!” And he would smile back at me, happy that I was changing my reality.

It wasn’t long and I overcame the struggle to manifest money too as I worked with my Higher Consciousness to release the blocks I had unknowingly created. I also released the doubts and fears around never having enough money, and soon I was home free. I am now a living testimony as to how you can change your life around by living in the vibration of Divine Love within yourself. Your life becomes one of harmony and balance.

Michael would say to me over and over, “I can give you everything you need.” But I didn’t understand what he meant. How can my Higher Consciousness give me money?? But now I understand. My Higher Consciousness is Divine Love. And when you live in this state of BE-ing, all your needs are met, and more. You cease to wonder how things will manifest, because you KNOW they will manifest. You are always being guided to new possibilities that open doors for you that will amaze you. You break through boundaries you thought you would never have the strength to break through. This is the Power of Divine Love. This is the Power of your True Self. The Power of Divine Love will FREE you in all aspects of your present reality. That is what I know for sure.

Have an AWESOME day Angels and BE BLESSED!


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